Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My, what a shapely bum you have.

After 4 months of hanging around with 18-22 year olds all day, every day, I've felt a little lackluster in the fashion department.

Enter a new pair of black leggings.

Now, I know what you're thinking... oh God, black leggings. Are you wearing your ugg boots with them?

But some of you have come to appreciate what leggings can add to a wardrobe - options. Too cold for a dress? Add leggings and you're set. Have skinny boots that don't fit over jeans? Put 'em over leggings. Negative 20 windchill and heading out in dress pants? Leggings as long underwear. Ate too much and can't wear pants that zip? Leggings, baby! Wear them for lounging, casual wear, dress them up a little or even for working out. Now that's versatility!

Don't make the mistake of calling them "stretch pants"..... Despite being the same, "those" have been out for awhile. (Although have you seen all the stirrup pants that have popped up lately?)

My experience with leggings thus far has simply been under a particular dress that I wear in the summertime. And I love that combo. It has a very "I'm wearing pajamas out of the house and getting away with it" feel, which is quite freeing. But Saturday, I took a risk.....

...and I think it paid off.

(cut off my head because I had a stupid expression on my face)

So, the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Maybe I shouldn't reference pudding when talking about my bum.... but anyways, I felt good and my friends showered me with much-appreciated approval and praise. And my husband....