Friday, January 30, 2009

Things You Likely Don't Care About. I'll post them anyway....

I posted this on Facebook and thought it was an easy way to cheat a blog post. Tah dah.

1. I've never smoked a cigarette -- not even a puff.

2. I absolutely love Disney movies and have a few soundtracks.

3. I love babies. And kids. They love me too :-)

4. My favorite beverage is and always has been ice water.

5. Brian and I both totalled our cars last December. It sucked big time. I still have neck pain from it.

6. I think I'm pretty smart and manage to know a little bit about everything.

7. I've never broken a bone (except toes, but those aren't even real bones)

8. I've never had stitches either.

9. I have the BEST mom in the entire world -- I'm totally in awe of her poise and faith in dealing with her cancer treatments over the past year. She is absolutely inspirational.

10. I am in loungewear within 3 minutes of arriving home from anywhere.

11. I told my Kindergarten teacher that I wanted to be a Girl Scout Troop Leader when I grew up..... I'm sure there's really good money in that.

12. I hate being made fun of, even if jokingly from friends/family and take criticism VERY harshly and very personally. I've always been pretty sensitive about it. It's made me keep a lot of struggles private for fear of judgement.

13. I LOVED living in dorms and kind of miss it. All my friends were right there with me!

14. I had a really difficult time in life when I was 10-13 and it still makes me cry to think about it.

15. I was a terrible student. I did no homework in Calculus and yet managed perfect tests and a student of the quarter award.... it may have been a bit because of #14.

16. I have 35 first cousins (not including stepfamily), of which I am the youngest. I always felt left behind and I'm sad I didn't get to have the same relationship with my grandparents as the older ones did -- they had all passed by the time I was 13.

17. I secretly want to name my children after the Von Trapps, dress them in curtains and teach them to sing solfege...while living in the mountains of Austria and raising goats (that also sing).

18. Speaking of children, I may or may not have names already picked out.

19. I've spelled my middle name wrong my entire life.

20. On our wedding day, I didn't pee once during the 13 hours I was in my dress.

21. I've been told for years that I'll be a good mom and I absolutely love the compliment... I hope it's true!

22. I have TV crushes on the guy from Chuck and Agent McGee from NCIS. Total nerds, but I dig it!

23. My favorite place to be is up at the cabin on 4th of July weekend... sun, lake, beer, shorts, no makeup, great family... heaven.

24. I've always hated the feeling of being left out, since I am (WAS) the baby of the family and the only girl -- I get really jealous if friends hang out without me.

25. Going from Katie to Katrina was a very unnatural process and still causes me a major identity crisis.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Duggars... brought to you by "No More Wire Hangers" Abortion Clinic

I love to watch TV. This was quite apparent last night as I fended off my sleepiness by watching the Duggar Wedding on TLC.

Now, I don't harp on the Duggars -- I think they're good, genuine people who have very sweet children, and while I don't share all of their specific beliefs, I do feel that they're good parents. I'd much rather see them having more children than, say, cracked out moms.... or high schoolers.... or Britney Spears (a delightful combination of both, as it were).

I enjoyed watching the special but was utterly disturbed by the excessive amounts of AWKWARDNESS between oldest son Josh and his "prize," Anna. It was all over the damn place! I'd be sitting, laughing at a funny line, respecting their decisions and WHAM! another awkward moment to make my skin crawl. Ehhhhhh thanks.

Josh & Anna come from families that are both of the belief that one should not "date" but simply court. He essentially found a girl that he liked, called up her parents and asked to court her. Then he proposes marriage (painfully awkward), they have a wedding and share their first kiss at the altar. ?!? Really?? Yes. They had never kissed. They hadn't even really hugged body to body. There was a weird side hug thing that happened, which was particularly tortuous to watch. One might wonder, as Josh did, can we hold hands? Oh sure, say the parents of the newly engaged couple. At which point in time Josh & Anna give each other the DEATH GRIP and didn't let go until the day they wed. There was also a few unfortunate incidents involving matching shirts.... because obviously this is the BEST way to show that you're spoken for!

Point is -- their lack of "getting to know you" time and the restraint in the expression of their joy and affection was clearly holding them back from experiencing these wonderful moments.

There was also this really great moment where her goober of a dad gave a speech about Anna being under Josh's authority now. Awwww hells to the no. I guess I'm just glad Anna wears pants and cuts her hair, unlike the rest of the Duggar gals.

BUT.... I digress. Here's the really funny part of it all.....

If you're not aware, the Duggars are conservative Baptists that practice the Quiverfull movement. This outlines their beliefs in rejecting birth control methods (including Natural Family Planning, surprisingly!) and accepting all children as gifts from God as they are given, hence the large family.

Much to my amusement, the show neared a commercial break and a quick shout out from their sponsor.... none other than

OMG, are you serious?? I died. I DIED!!! And I almost peed.

Annnd.... I'm going to hell.



Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nuns with glaucoma love BO

I sat today in my eye clinic, watching the tiny tv tuned to CNN - the pomp and circumstance of the presidential inauguration - and the thoughts of future generations came to mind. What will they ask us of this day? What will I have to tell them?

My experience today was not entirely inspirational. It was quite usual, with a visit to the eye clinic in there to mix up the otherwise routine workday. I hadn't thought in advance of when the inauguration would take place, or how I would catch it, but did know of it's occurence.

I spent a great deal of time in and out of the waiting room at the clinic with a curious cocktail of drops in my eyes, and though I had very poor sight, I had great vision. I was surrounded by an ecclectic group of clinic visitors and couldn't help but take in the great sight: all of us gathering near the television to take part in this day in history. As old as 90+ and as young as 2. A teenager with her iPod earbuds out of her ears (!!) and a light in her eyes, a group of men speaking Hmong with an interpreter to assist, a middle-aged woman giving her seat to an elderly woman with a walker, a group of nuns escorting a fellow sister.... NUNS! I couldn't even make this stuff up!

Today was an inspiring day. Despite our various "classifications," we gathered as American citizens and hopefulls - proud and free - to take in the sights and sounds of history being made. I can honestly say that I do not recall the last time (if ever) I've watched a presidential inauguration. And yet today I longed to be a part of it; I felt the desire to smile at strangers as if saying to each other "I appreciate you and support you, fellow American."

This day.... this beautiful day marks the beginning of a new era, and the renewing of hope and the American Dream.

:::small tear rolls down cheek while waving tiny American flag:::



Sunday, January 18, 2009

Camera Ready: Technique Tutorial

Contouring with makeup is the concept in which you use light and dark shades to bring forward certain parts and visually "sculpt" your face. Many people will use contouring techniques when putting on eyeshadow and liner, but don't realize that the same principles apply to the rest of the face (and even the body!). The use of contouring technique can make a woman look thinner, naturally gorgeous and modelesque (um, where do I sign up??).

In recent years, the use of highlighters has become more popular, but it's a much broader concept than a little shimmer on the cheeks; it's the combination of highlight and strategic bronzer application (preferrably one without any shimmer; it's okay on the cheeks, but gets to be overload on the whole face) that work in tandem to achieve all that was promised above.

Recently, I spotlighted two favorites - Benefit's High Beam and "10" - that I use regularly in my contouring routine. The example picture below will look similar to that, but more like a kid's facepainting book!

I know, I know... ;-)

The use of highlight and "lowlight" will differ from face to face, but this is a general idea of how to apply. Some noteworthy considerations include bone structure and face shape. For example, you don't want to highlight a very thin nose as above, because it will only make it appear thinner.

And there you have it - gorgeousness! Need more detail? Just email me!



Friday, January 16, 2009

"Making It" In Makeup

While pondering my future career aspirations over the past few weeks and the issues surrounding my start with Aveda, I've found myself considering the option to start doing makeup for weddings as often as I possibly can. Sounds like fun, but there are a few factors to consider:

1. It'd take a great deal of investment to get my makeup kit to a semi-professional level. We're talking hundreds of dollars. More foundation colors & types, more powder colors, eye shadows, brushes, etc.

2. Who even knows WHEN I'll start school, but I'd be hesitant to make any bookings for fall, as I would feel terrible having to cancel.

3. I can imagine that it'll be extremely difficult to get business. Not to mention the fact that I'll be essentially on hiatus from it for the entire duration of Aveda, so once I get to the point that I do have some word of mouth advertisement, I'll be in school an unable to take clients.

4. I know I need to do hair, as a career in makeup is not exactly a sustainable idea. And in order to do that, I need an education and licensure, so it's not like once I get into the groove of special occasion makeup that I can do that 100%. I also really enjoy hair as well, and look forward to delving into that skill a bit further.

All in all, I'm just having a really difficult time trying to map out the road between the here and now and the beginning of my new career.

Until then, I fully plan to start work on a portfolio of makeup looks using some friends as model.... who wants to volunteer??



Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weird annoyances...

Life is full of wonderful things. And REALLY ANNOYING other things. This is about the latter of the two.

When a friend mentioned today her fear of buoys, I laughed at the thought... but then pondered my own irrationalities. We all have them, on a variable scale of severity: those things that drive us bonkers, make us act totally out of character, or stop us in our tracks.

I absolutely hate and can NOT tolerate the sound they play in beer commercials with ....[[[ GAHH I can't even type it without cringing ]]].... the beer being opened and poured in a glass. GAH. I let go of the wheel while driving to cover my ears. It's that bad. If you need a demonstration, the Buffalo Wild Wings website has it cued up with the initial flash player -- I can't go there unless I've first muted my computer.

It's not just beer commercials, though - I really hate the general sound of pouring. There's a particular coffee pot in my office that seems to bubble and vent strangely, making the most cringe-worthy blubbly sound.

More annoyances to come.....



Monday, January 12, 2009

YAY Hot Chocolate

It's not just for kids anymore, folks.

[Despite pouring one third of my cup down my chest and shirt this evening,] I love hot chocolate. The Williams Sonoma REAL stuff. I drink it at least twice a week during the winter. Perhaps not the best of dietary supplements, but man does it bring me joy :-) And that's what matters.

See? Joy. A fuzzy hat and adorable tooth gap helps too.

While meandering Williams Sonoma this weekend, I discovered this beaut' on sale for $9! (Picture is a non WS version of the same thing). It's a hot chocolate pot with frother/mixer! Brilliant. It totally made my weekend.....

What did not, however, make my weekend was the nasty dose of reality..... our finances suck, we're not really in the place to buy a house (I sooo wish we could), and I might not even be able to manage school... ever. Where's a surprise inheritance when you need one??

Fingers crossed for a nice cushy tax return to start things moving and we'll see what happens from there.

Now I kinda need more hot chocolate :-(

Blogging is like exercise.

How have I come to loathe blogging? I think that mayhaps I indulge too much care and effort into them, thereby overthinking the entire process. Why can't I just write thoughts? Who says they need to be organized? No one. Cuz no one reads it anyway.

I'm really freakin stressed about future stuffs. My ball of stress - namely school/new career, house-buying, family planning - is all wrapped in a pain-in-the-ass layer of financial constraints. Virtually impenetrable. Mother fuck, fucker, shit, damn, balls. There, I said it. And it felt kinda good.

That's all I can muster.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I thought I was agoraphobic....

Turns out I'm just really lazy and don't like to change out of my pajamas to leave the house.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Camera Ready: A Product Spotlight

Use: A fine, flawless (translucent) finishing powder

I sometimes wish Sephora would stop giving me the deluxe free samples that I'm continually earning (via purchase points). It inevitably gets me hooked on another product....

Such was the case with the HD Powder - a sample that I'm now hooked on. Thank you Sephora, here's my paycheck.

The point behind the product is the illusion of flawlessness (sign me up!!). It's completely invisible, but gives a "soft focus" or "airbrushed" appearance to the skin. I also love the way it sets everything and makes my pores disappear (!!!).

I'd previously tried something similar with Bare Escentuals "Mineral Veil," but feel this product is more sophisticated. The powder is light as air, a bit finer, and feels like a dream.

It's used as a setting powder after you're finished with everything else. At first, you'll feel like your face looks a bit more pale and dry, but this is because it intially will take away any "sheen" to the skin. After a bit, it will settle in and look more natural. Powders applied on top of this will likely not stick.

The "highlighter" products I mentioned in the last Camera Ready post are a bit toned down after my application of this powder, but I don't find that to be a nuisance. I think it balances out quite well between plain and "highlighted" and eventually gives a perfect finish.

Lastly, I am especially keen on this product because I have an oilier complexion. I love the light powdery feel of it. For those with dry skin, I do feel it will still work well, but remember to keep your face exfoliated and hydrated (to maintain the moisture barrier between your insides and the environment) and you should still reap the benefits!



This WAS supposed to be titled Planning my 2nd wedding (to Brian of course), but..... read on

I've been seeing so many pictures and blogs of weddings lately, that it's making me want to plan #2. This wedding will, in all likelyhood, be only in my mind, but for now I can at least post it here and dream.....

::::::we interrupt this post to bring you an important update (please read previous post for backstory): I started this post a bit ago, toggle through windows to find the pics I was going to post, look away from my screen at my wall calendar and suddenly think to myself "OOH, I'm gonna write a blog about what I want to be when I grow up...." open up blog window to discover that lo and behold I already have a blog IN PROGRESS. On my screen. Right here. Started about 15 minutes ago.

Good God almighty, someone give me meds.:::::::

So anyway, I'm scrapping the original message....

Life: First Draft

I have a terrible time completing things. Seeing them through to fruition. Getting a job done.

Example: I have about 4 drafted posts for this blog. Thoughts that I start but can never really see through to the end. I'm annoyed with myself.

Do I have lofty expectations for my posts? Thinking they'll be giant ramblings of humorous stories (I always start to type humerous, but that's a bone... well pseudo bone anyway, as that ou is more french, less latin) like my beautiful but strange friend Melinda? Or perhaps eventually reaching some sort of point?

Who the hell knows.

Let's file this away under "evidence I have ADHD" for the day and let it go. Maybe it's better for me to post short random thoughts rather than lengthy novellas. With pictures.

I prefer magazines anyway.