Sunday, December 22, 2013

I give.

Once upon a time, I blogged....

I blogged about random things. I blogged about funny things (at least I think they were funny). I blogged about whatever the fuck I felt like. This is a metaphor for my life. I could do whatever the fuck I felt like doing!

Then September came, and I had a child. And it was and is amazing. But, my ability to go to a movie on a whim is somewhat compromised. Of course, I realized that this change was coming while pregnant, but until you're really in it and watching the hours fly by in between feedings and diapers and laughs and smiles, you just don't quite comprehend the transformation. 

So, I'm back. Blogging has always been a bit of a steam valve for my brain. When the brain gets too hot, it's time to funnel through the fingers. That's not to say that my blog posts have always been a way to vent or bitch, but I just have a lot of feelings...

That shit never gets old.

Nah, I'm not even really here to share feelings at this point. I just need to write sometimes! I'm a total scatterbrain, with clinical levels of anxiety, and writing focuses this very warbly person. And despite my irregularity, I truly enjoy putting pen finger to paper key.

If you've been following along, you've probably put two and two together to realize that I technically will now be considered a "Mommy Blogger." Ugh. BUT, BEFORE YOU ROLL YOUR EYES and click over to one of your 9 other browser windows (imdb, anyone?)... 
I hereby promise not to commit the classic Mommy Blog fouls. 
  - I will not make you think that I live any sort of perfect family paradise
  - I will not sugar coat
  - I will not censor my sailor mouth
  - I will not forget that I am a person in addition to a mom
  - I will not make this blog into talk therapy session or a personal journal filled with drivel
  - I will not have a perfectly decorated home for every holiday (or any holiday, for that matter)
  - There will be no giveaways, there will be no advertisements*

I must, however, admit to you that the following are unavoidable:
  - I will never NOT be a mom, which will likely affect my writing
  - I will always believe that my child is gorgeous and smart
  - I will certainly post pictures
  - I will celebrate victories big and small (but also promise to acknowledge failures)
  - I will include a fair share of day-to-day hum-drum life
  - I will be opinionated, and - because it's my blog - I will think I'm right

In conclusion, I'm back. For today, anyway. I'll probably forget again and not post for a month. 

C'est la vie.