Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012, you say?

Apparently I'm 56 days late for my "hooray, it's a new year and a new me!" post.  Surprise surprise.  Still old me.

Life isn't particularly exciting -- my reasons for not blogging don't involve super cool adventures/activities, and it certainly wasn't any sort of internet protest (all the cool people seem to be eschewing social media, ironically announcing their superiority silence prior to shutting down).  I have, however, been indulging in some good hibernation season activities, both of which make me feel the slightest bit high-brow and snooty!  HAHA!!

Have you, like all the fanciest of folk, watched Downton Abbey yet?  Because I totally have.  I'm the most smartest after watching it. And it's like so awesome.  I feel like I need to follow it up by reading Tolstoy and Beowulf, and listening to NPR and other hoity toity stuff like that.

Oh wait, I don't even know how to spell hoity toity.  Hmphf.

In all seriousness, it's a fabulous drama full of intrigue.  I think if you like Mad Men you'll love this -- period costumes and settings, social commentaries that make you wonder about life in those times, and a healthy dose of "oh no he didn't!" and "She's hookin up with being courted by who?"  Watch the show.  Season 1 (only 7 eps) is on Netflix Instant, and Season 2 (just finished! 7 eps) is on for free thru March 6th! Easy peasy.

My other indulgence has been reading.  I read four books in two weeks.  And you might think me an intellectual.  I read the first three in six days and thought myself an intellectual.... until I opened the fourth and found that it WASN'T in large print (and hadn't been housed in the "young adult" section of the book store).  Here I'd thought I was some amazingly fast reader...  Books 1-3 were The Hunger Games series (super addicting, loved the story, could have been written better) and #4 was The Help (perfect in almost every way).  Read them both.  C'mon, it only takes two weeks!

The Hunger Games was a series I'd heard about through various people, but mostly from those who'd read Harry Potter.  They said "Oh if you liked Harry Potter, you'll love this series! And they're making it a movie!" Honestly, the fact that it was going to come out as a movie (in 4 weeks, no less!) was quite the motivator -- you see, I JUST read the HP series this fall and always seem to be the last to find out about good books, often after they're made into movies, so I was happy to be ahead of the game on this!  Don't miss your chance!!!  You have 4 weeks to read the first book (which took me less than 24 hrs). Don't let anyone spoil any of the story and try to avoid the trailers as it's much more fun to create in your own mind :-)

Also noteworthy on this: Brian loved them.  He's a big fan of post-apocalyptic dystopian society stories, and while they may not tell you on the dust jacket (perhaps not appealing to young adults?), that's exactly what this story is.  I do wish that the author had fleshed out the stories a bit more and made them longer.  I think my smarty pants brain could have handled some smaller print.

Did I mention I also had lots of glasses of wine during this period?  Because I did.