Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A common theme amongst MN bloggers today.....

Snow sucks.  It totally fucking sucks.  And yes, we are all OVER IT. 

You know what else I'm over?  Living in my current place.  My car was broken into on Sunday night and the $30 worth of stuff they took was apparently worth the $226 cost to replace my window, and the additional damage to my door frame.  Add this to the two snow emergency tows and accompanying parking tickets and the not-budgeted-for-category "things happening outside" has cost us a good chunk of change.

Then there's a small.... very, very small.... issue of not having enough space.  We have plenty of stuff, and a big creepy basement to stash it in, but that will give the stalker/serial killers something to hide behind (TOO MUCH CRIMINAL MINDS).  Plus, it makes stuff smell basementy and cramming your stuff into a hole just makes your piles grow and makes you use LESS of it.  AKA hoarding (but I NEED those candy wrapperssss!!!).

Not-so-lastly (and this is kind of ridiculous), my bathroom leaves a little something to be desired.  Or a big something.  Made of whatever - grandiose granite or mediocre formica.  I'm talking a countertop here, folks.  A pedestal sink is no way to a woman's heart, let me tell you what.  Especially if said woman could fill an entire room with her beauty junkie habit.  And boyyyyy could she ever.  But we're back to me.  So there's this sink with no counter, and an inset medicine cabinet for a mirror that, if standing up straight, displays from my chin to my chest.  This doesn't exactly serve me well when it comes to getting ready "from the chin up," if you will.  "How then" you ask, "do you look so amazing every day, K?"  Very good question.  I wake up looking gorgeous, pull on some pants and head out the door.  Apparently topless.  No no, you see I've made some creative arrangements..... my hair stuff (it's a tower) sits atop my husband's dresser in our "guestroom" (videogame room), and my makeup is displayed prominently at our dining table.  But not the whole table.  Only half.  (That makes it better, right?)

And there, folks, you have an honest-to-goodness CRISIS.  Won't you please help those in need?  Kidding, that link goes to the Red Cross.  Please be generous, as the earthquake/tsunami (actual crisis) has caused millions of very vain people to be without bathroom counters to put their makeup and hair products on (and who are now extra crabby because they don't look as pretty).  And for the non-vain people too.  Give $10 extra if you laughed.

That's all, folks.  Thanks for keeping me on your Google Reader after like 234 months of not posting.