Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm going to complain about how I hate people that complain....

I'm probably not the only one in the world who has ever been annoyed by someone else's Facebook status. And not even in the sense that someone has been passive-aggressively referring to something I did, or insulting my opinions or beliefs. I'm talking about the no-holds-barred COMPLAINING.

You know the people - they do it on Facebook, they do it in person, they talk to you on the phone and spend 10 minutes bitching in your ear. Ever the pessimists, they'll instantly see negative in anything. The world is out to get me!!!

I was a bit inspired by this recently shared blog post about being Comfortable to share it, and also my thoughts about our comfort and often the complaining that comes right along with it. The truth of the matter comes down to this: we have very little to really complain about, but we are also more "heard" these days, what with our abilities to so instantly share our thoughts with the masses.

So here's a question for you..... if people are "hearing" you more now, what exactly are you saying?? Are you a facebook user? Probably. Go back through your status updates just to see what you've been saying lately. Regardless of what you've been saying, you could probably benefit from a little rose-colored-glasses therapy.

Here's my challenge list:

1. Say something you love about your job, coworkers, or even your commute.

2. Get excited about 2-3 things about winter -- a new coat, hot chocolate, Christmas decorations, fresh snow when it sparkles, going sledding with a kid....

3. If you hate -or are just bored with- your wardrobe or accessories, arrange an exchange with a friend or 10.

4. Pick 5 things about yourself that you like, and similarly, learn to accept a compliment!!

5. Read about how Mpls-St.Paul is America's Most Relaxed City and contemplate all the reasons you love your house, city, area, state.

6. Thank EVERYONE who does something for you as if they'd just given you a kidney and a second chance to live. Over-tip your waitstaff, barista or hairstylist.... jkkkkk.

OK so now I'm just falling asleep, so I'll call it quits here....


Thursday, November 4, 2010

I have a good memory. And also, I am smart.

I opened up my blog with the intent to write a post about how awesome we are about not yet turning on our heat. Turns out I not only already posted about that, but it was mere days ago. Guess what's on my mind right now? The fact that I can't feel my toes. Hence my "inspiration."

Huh.... now what should I talk about?

Important news update: I put slippers and a blanket on. I'm less cold.

I have an idea for a post now, but clearly I can't combine it with this one. So "refresh" and enjoy post #2 for the evening.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Energy savings according to me.

It has been colder than a morgue lately and our super leaky house just loves to invite the breeze inside. And there's plennnnnty of breeze to go around. But I just sort of can't turn on the heat yet..... for one, I don't like the *smell* of heat. Call me weird. I'm really sensitive to hot air, and especially hate when it's in my face (I HATE getting into other people's cars when they have the heat on full blast). Additionally, heating is expensive - need I remind you my house is old and leaky? - and also it costs a lot of money.

So, my basic plan of keeping warm is this:
1. Apply flannel evenly to lower half
2. Apply cotton t-shirt to upper half
3. Apply cotton/comfy fuzzy sherpa insidey hoodie to upper half
4. Apply sock 1 to foot A and sock 2 to foot B
5. Insert foot A into slipper C and foot B into slipper D
6. While seated in recliner (not included), spread thin layer of cotton blanket evenly from chest down

And finally.....
You know what's a kind-of-cheaper and much more fun than turning up the thermostat? Red wine. Seriously. Have a glass or two or three and you'll feel flush, warm and toasty, regardless of what degree your thermostat may have fallen to... ///56 DEGREES??? I need more wine.\\\

Oh, I bought a sweet new parka. It will get it's own post after I have the chance to test-drive it outside.

An update.... and an attempted return to bloggery.

Hi folks! It's about that time for another mediocre attempt at returning to my blog! Huzzah!!!

Things are excellent -- I started my new job at Cole's Salon at Eagan Station on Sept 7th and have been totally and completely happy with my decision to work there. I'm chock-full of reasons why it's a great company, and I'd love to share:

1. They're extremely successful.
Cole's Salons have been in business for 31 years now. That's a long time. And the company is littered with people who've been there for 20, 25, 30 years who love what they do, and love for whom they do it. In fact, Star Tribune listed Cole's as the #2 Mid-size company to work for in Minnesota. And because of the ESOP program, we all get to have shares in the company stock. Cole's is 44% employee owned. We work our butts off AND reap the rewards.

(If I could have my way, I'd beef up their website and marketing, expand further INTO the cities - say Bloomington, even - and really make COLE'S known as a high-end group of salons. We sell amazing products, and staff extremely talented people! Let's tell the world!!!! My biggest pet-peeve is when people hear "Cole's" and think "Kohls"......)

2. I fit there very very well.
There's just something so perfectly balanced about it.... laid-back, but high-quality... family-friendly, but theraputic.... efficient, but personal.... Cole's has mastered the art of treating clients like family. Growing up in the area and going to Cole's as a child, I experienced this first hand. We have many clients under the age of 18.... and many under the age of 8. They see the same hairdresser from their first day of Kindergarten until their high school prom, and beyond. Some now bring their own children with them. And that is EXACTLY the kind of place I want to be. I want to bring my own friends and family who are now my clients into a place where they feel welcomed, served, and treated like guests. I can't tell you how many trainers I've had tell me "your station is your home, and your client is your guest - bring them in, and always ask them back."

The thing about my coworkers is that I not only enjoy them personally, but I also get a great deal of guidance and mentorship from them professionally. These ladies (we have no guys at our location!) know how to WORK. IT. OUT. I'm not kidding you. It's intimidating and inspiring. And also intimidating.

3. They are committed to ME. As an employee and a PERSON!
There's a big piece of our new staff training where they talk about being a "lifelong learner" and developing yourself personally and professionally. The beauty industry is not one that likes to stay the same for very long, so that concept is extremely important professionally. But on a personal level, Cole's has something called "Golden Nuggets." When I started, they provided me with a small "nugget" notebook and the book Life's Greatest Lessons by Hal Urban (READ IT). Every day, we spend time reading this or other books of the self-help, inspirational, motivational sort. And as we read, we are encouraged to write down statements from the book that resonate. As we add more and more, we go back and read them, and continue to develop ourselves, whether it be bettering our habits, philosophies on life or achieving goals. It's a wonderful practice, and I like to add that tidbit of inspiration to my workday, if only to fend off a case of the Mondays.

A favorite Golden Nugget: "Pain is inevitable..... but misery is optional."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now, I need to address another piece of this, and that's Spalon Montage. While I did interview there, and was "in process" as an applicant from March to August, I was turned down for a position. By email. ? I interviewed very well, I've never ever ever had a problem connecting with someone in an interview, and I had a *fantastic* resume for a new graduate from beauty school. And, after being told in one interview that they don't do technical interviews but hire based on personality (a philosophy I support), it stung a bit.... The only reason that I could think for not being selected is that I would not fit in with their aesthetic..... 50th & France can't employ anyone that can't fit into Anthropologie's overpriced-yet-girlishly-adorable offerings. Pfffft. So what if I want to wear MuMus to work and smell like fried chicken??!? lol lol

But honestly, I really don't care! I'm SOOO happy at my salon, and I'm happy to work for a company for which I'm truly passionate. I'm PROUD of the work we do, the people we staff, the clients we serve and the ways we do it.

So here's my suggestion for our new marketing campaign:

Cole's Salons: Turning Clients into Family since 1979


OOOH, and #4 - the products are the BEST: Aveda, Bumble & bumble and Oribe? Yes please!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Taste of Summer.

As many of you have experienced and shared, I love me some delightful summer cocktails whilst enjoying delightful summer sunshine. There's nothing better than that cool, refreshing beverage in hand while you (and friends) partake in patio time, sit on a deck or -best of all- lounge by a pool.

An aside: I no longer live at my apartment complex and it KILLS me that I won't be able to host pool time this summer. For the first time since.... 2004 :-(

Have you ever indulged in a Blojito? A delicious summer cocktail option invented by my brother. A trait that seems to run in the family, as my dad loves to make up his own drinks as well. Being a gal who loves to create her own tasty beverages, I often will make up random concoctions; every so often, a classic is born.

I give you the Blue Lemon.

Stoli Blueberry, like other Stoli flavors, is a really good interpretation of the intended flavor. It seems very natural and light (unlike our friends at UV). San Pellegrino's Limonata has a similar feeling - an airy, crisp lemon taste, just enough carbonation, and those adorable little cans! Paired together, you get a delicious, light cocktail with just enough flavor for summer - nothing heavy or syrupy here.

While you're not likely to find bars that can serve this treat, I do have an alternative: order yourself a Stoli blue with lemonade AND soda, and you'll have a remix that's close enough for government work.


(If you're curious - the Blojito recipe: vodka, Simply Limeade blender-ed with fresh mint leaves, and Archer Farms Blood Orange Italian Soda)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'm sure a few of you saw that last post where I mentioned my interest in Spalon Montage. I'm sure a few of you also saw the comment from a mysterious stranger named Robbin Julien. I know I did!

Incase you're curious (which I know you are), I emailed Mr. Julien to a) clarify that my name is actually NOT Traycina, and b) follow-up on the connection and send my resume. It was a fruitful networking moment, as he then forwarded my resume to Mitchell Wherley, CEO of Spalon Montage.... who then, in turn, called me yesterday!

I've called him back, but no reply as of yet. Will keep you posted on my search :-)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

[ Submit ]

I clicked it. I've officially applied to Spalon Montage. Woot!

After the passing of the first 19 weeks of school, I've decided it's time to get serious about my job hunting. So I came home, finished tidying up my resume, thoughtfully prepared my online application and poof! I'm done!

When considering where I might find myself come licensure and graduation, a few factors have come to mind:

1. I'd like to stay central - no Blaine, no Maple Grove, no Apple Valley (NO!) for me. I need to stay in the Minneapolis area, or at least the first tier suburbs. I think. Brian works in NE Minneapolis these days, and we'll be looking for a home (NOT in Apple Valley (sorry dad)), and settling down somewhere between our two places of employment, so the thought of being "commuters" really isn't our scene.

2. I want to be a generalist - I don't want to have to choose between cutting and color/chemical services. As a stylist, especially a new stylist, I want to really hone both sets of skills and be able to provide for my client's every hair need. Besides - we're not doctors, people. Physicians specialize because they have to learn [-------- this much --------] information about their specialty. I'm pretty sure I can handle the amount of information I need to know about both hair color/chem and cutting.

3. I'm really seeking a professional, high quality vibe. At this point in school, and at this point in life, I feel like I've really put in some good work, and that I kind of deserve to work in that sort of environment. And I'm not the kind of person to eff-up and find herself on Tabitha, so I've got that going for me.....

4. I enjoy the marriage of spa and salon atmospheres. I think that hair services can be very theraputic, relaxing and rejuvenating, and fit well into that ideaology. It also comes back to the idea of a one-stop-shop for all your beauty pampering needs.

5. I hope for the kind of place that attracts a regular clientele - aka NOT a hotel salon. While that idea sounds fun, I really want to have the kind of career where I see people all week long that I look forward to catching up with, and many of whom I could consider my friends. I want to hear updates on life, babies, relationships, jobs, travels, etc. and I don't want to have to small talk my way through the days.

What salon or type of salon do you frequent? I'm all ears!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My, what a shapely bum you have.

After 4 months of hanging around with 18-22 year olds all day, every day, I've felt a little lackluster in the fashion department.

Enter a new pair of black leggings.

Now, I know what you're thinking... oh God, black leggings. Are you wearing your ugg boots with them?

But some of you have come to appreciate what leggings can add to a wardrobe - options. Too cold for a dress? Add leggings and you're set. Have skinny boots that don't fit over jeans? Put 'em over leggings. Negative 20 windchill and heading out in dress pants? Leggings as long underwear. Ate too much and can't wear pants that zip? Leggings, baby! Wear them for lounging, casual wear, dress them up a little or even for working out. Now that's versatility!

Don't make the mistake of calling them "stretch pants"..... Despite being the same, "those" have been out for awhile. (Although have you seen all the stirrup pants that have popped up lately?)

My experience with leggings thus far has simply been under a particular dress that I wear in the summertime. And I love that combo. It has a very "I'm wearing pajamas out of the house and getting away with it" feel, which is quite freeing. But Saturday, I took a risk.....

...and I think it paid off.

(cut off my head because I had a stupid expression on my face)

So, the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Maybe I shouldn't reference pudding when talking about my bum.... but anyways, I felt good and my friends showered me with much-appreciated approval and praise. And my husband....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I just realized that I have a post label titled "pancakes." And now I'm hungry for... you guessed it... pancakes.

Time to call Erin & Angie and have some brinner.

So, this one time... in beauty school....

(Please notice my attempt at increased frequency. Or then again maybe don't notice so I don't feel obligated to keep it up!)

I know plenty of people that I talk to these days want to hear my tales of beauty school: what we learn about, what we master, where we are now, when we take clients, etc. It's fun to share, because honestly I never knew these things either before starting school! So, here are some fun facts:

What we learn
hair cutting, coloring, chemical services (perms and relaxers), makeup application, facial cleansing and waxing, nails (natural and artificial)

How the program works
We start out 100% classroom and complete 8-week cycles. Every 8 weeks we move up a step and a new class starts at the beginning: The Circle of Life. The program lasts as long as it takes us to fulfill our required 1550 hours of Cosmo school to become licensed (plus exams) -- there are, however, attendance requirements set by the school so it shouldn't take anyone more than a year to complete unless they take a leave of absence or something. I am "scheduled" to be done on August 24th, but due to planned absences (aka: weddings) hope to be done just a few days after. Will definitely be done by August 31st.

So far, at week.... 14?...we've covered just about everything. As we learn various techniques, we have a "model day" where we bring in a real person to work on - these have happened over the past 7 Saturdays that we've been in school. Starting at 15 weeks, we take our first paying client (if you're keeping track, that's NEXT WEEK), but still have classroom time 1-2 days a week to keep up on "other" skills that we don't always get to practice on the clinic floor.

How to be a client
Why, what a great question! I'm so glad you asked!! ;-) To be a client of mine, just follow these steps:
1. Call Aveda to make an appointment, sometime within my hours (Tu-Sat from 8:30-5pm)
2. Text/email/FB me to let me know when and for what you're coming so I can get you on MY calendar
3. When you check in that day, say you'd like to request Katrina M #67636 -- I will have notified my instructors that I have a request coming in, so magic should occur :-)

Life lessons at Aveda
1. I wish I had done this 9 years ago instead of waiting
2. ...BUT, I'm very glad not to be 18 and doing this, because those kids just don't appreciate it the same way as we "old folks" do
3. Cosmetologists / cosmo students are not the most intelligent people one might find in the world

And so so so much more.

That's all I have to say for now - lots of other things to talk about and discuss, so hopefully I get readers again soon. And a shoutout to Kelley who happened to check and comment on my anticipated return :-)

Monday, January 18, 2010

...and then it was January.

So, remember back in the day when I used to blog? Neither do I.

A few things have happened since I last blogged three months ago. Most notably - I got new curtains for my living room. And they're beautiful and energy-saving! Yay! Oh, and I do hair now.

School has been good, great, okay, interesting, frustrating.... all those things that school usually is. I enjoy delving into my chosen trade, and the learning process therein. But of course there are ups and downs, high points and low points, days I love it and days I just want to get the hell out of there.

When one comes into my house, there are a few key indicators of life as I know it these days:
1. My miscellaneous "traditional" school supplies - textbooks, my book bag, and items I've used for some of our recent projects (I cut pictures out of magazines in my school... Academia at its finest).
2. Indicators of new study habits - aka scissors, a cape, clips, spray bottles, etc. all from doing cuts and colors outside of school. Not exactly studying, but kind of.
3. A closet full of black clothes
4. A distinct scent of Aveda - it's in my hair, on my face, and all around the house. In my shower right now, one would find ALL of the following: rosemary mint shampoo, smoothing body polish, rosemary mint body wash, carribean therapy body cleanser, carribean therapy body scrub, pure abundance shampoo & conditioner, and black malva shampoo & conditioner. Oh, and soothing bath salts. This doesn't count any of the skin care or hair styling products.

But I've noticed some other changes that I don't love:
1. I've become a communication ritard - you see, I no longer sit in front of a computer bored out of my mind all day, nor am I within reach of my cell phone. I miss calls, emails and texts, or I have just enough time to see that I've received a text, but not enough to actually reply.... and couple that with my awful short-term memory and you get ritard-status.
2. Somehow I'm more of a home body introvert once I walk in my house. There are a few other factors in play, here, but those dig a bit too deep for right now.
3. I spend my day standing in front of a mirror.... you can imagine the effect that has....

And there it is.

It's now 1:00am and I'm over-thinking this blog entry, so I must to bed. Hopefully this is the first in a long streak of blog entries.... and hopefully those future entries are much more awesome than this half-asleep snooze-fest.