Friday, August 16, 2013

Gestation: 35 weeksholycrap

Remember that time I was going to return to blogging and then a month went by? Weird. That's so unusual.

I'm trying to think of anything to share other than the usual pregnancy updates, but I'm seriously tired and seriously short on brain function. Neither of which seem to be inspiring deep thoughts.

Brian is out of town this weekend, which is kind of a bummer because I can't talk to him... BUT, it's great because I can sleep with as many pillows as I want! And that would be one giant body pillow, and four regular pillows, and two cat-shaped pillows that beg for food at 4am.

Progress in the nursery doesn't seem to be anything to the outsider, but we have ALL our baby things organized and in storage bins, and have moved them out of the room to prepare for paint and a quick clean of the carpets. That means as soon as that paint is on the walls (this week), it's GO TIME! It's honestly a great way to pass the time over the home stretch of pregnancy. So, if you're wondering if I'm "antsy" or "anxious for it to be over with" the answer is a big fat no! I have things to do before Tony Danza arrives, but if he/she did come soonish, we have everything necessary to keep him/her alive and well (diapers, blanket, boobs, hugs).

Here are some of the details....

Weeks: 35 (that would be 7/8 or 87.5% done)

Weight: Still -5 lbs since pre-pregnancy

Doctor's update: Measuring right on par, heart rate 160bpm

What I'm craving: Watermelon, water, margaritas, coconut curry, and one of our favorite pasta recipes (we have our own modifications)

Where it hurts: tired feet, heart burn, and my belly is getting bigger and tighter (rolling over and bending over have become quite the challenge).

Strange symptoms: DROOLING. Not, like, while I'm having a conversation or taking care of a client, but all night long while I sleep. SO sexy.