Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Camera Ready: A Product Spotlight

Lucky you, it's a twofer!

Benefit Cosmetics - High Beam

Use: a lovely pink highlighting cream

Benefit Cosmetics - "10"

Use: a perfect combo of highlighter and bronzer to bring out cheekbones

Combine these products and watch your cheekbones scream "Hi! I'm GORGEOUS!"

The High Beam cream is a beautiful flattering pink to illuminate your "high points." Highlighter is necessary to add dimension to the face, making you look like you're rockin' some killer God-given bone structure. Most of us are not so lucky. The cream blends well over liquid foundation, but doesn't work quite as well over powder. And a little goes a long way! Blend smartly -- don't get it into the wrong zones or it will lose the cheekbone-y effects.

Grab the "10" powder, sweep the brush across the stripes and don't blend the two colors together. Run the brush along the cheekbone with the pink on top and the bronze below. Rather than a "straight line" do more of a Nike swoosh arcing along the roundness of the apple of the cheek.

Here's best-practice application, visually speaking --

High Beam cream

"10" Powder

I'm not lying when I tell you that I'm obsessed with these products.



Monday, December 29, 2008

I think I hear God laughing.

I'm trying to plan for my future. Many of you know I'm in the process of enrolling at the Aveda Institute for a cosmetology program. WELL, apparently my social calendar is just TOO BUSY for me to start school.

Aveda has a really strict attendance policy. All of which is completely understandable. It's an 11-month program, has the MN cosmetologist licensure requirements to adhere to and therefore only allows 77.5 hours of absence. Not a huge deal over the course of a year, especially considering that there are appropriate holiday breaks and a "mid year sanity break."

The issue comes into play when one learns that only 26 of those missed hours can be on Saturdays. That's 3 days and 2 hours total..... I now have FIVE weddings (assuming an invite to my cousin's wedding, date in August yet to be confirmed) between March 28th and September 12th.

I was hoping to start school on March 10th: get my schooling done, get into the job, eventually start having babies. This now means that I will have to either a) delay my start date until OCTOBER 20th -that's a grad date of Sept 2010- or the unlikely b) miss some weddings.

Oh, and the other super great piece is that if you go over those amounts they've pre-determined, you're termed from the program without appeal.

GOD, I should have done this 5 years ago.



Tah dah

In the interest of ridding myself of my old katematchwedding gmail/google account, I'm moving my blog over here. Hi - welcome. It's giving me strange anxiety. Who the hell cares if I move my blog? Oh no, I have to notify the 5 people that read it! How will I ever accomplish such a task? Riiiiight.


Friday, December 19, 2008

One and only holiday "party"

Get out your sequined-and-glittered sweaters, rhinestone brooches and your jingle bell earrings! It's time for a Christmas partaaaay! Tonight! Huzzah! This is the eve of our Basilica Choir Christmas Party. Wahhooo. Thankfully they're a fun bunch of crazy folks. Some crazier than others. Some funner than others. It is what it is.

So it's out on Lake Minnetonka, which is a very nice area, good for a Christmas party, yadda yadda. BUT, I'm theoretically supposed to be there AT the start time of SIX THIRTY to welcome people and I have to drive to Minnetrista from SAINT PAUL during rush hour. OMG, please CAN I?? Not to mention that I am working today, am supposed to bring a "hot side dish" that I have yet to make, still have to go home and shower and the dress is "semi-formal" meaning it takes a little more than the usual 40 minutes to get ready.

I can feel my stress level rising already. Hopefully the traffic won't be nightmarish, my hair will be cooperative, the libations will be freely flowing any my driver will be sober and steady at the wheel.

Did someone say NOG? Yes please.

You can put ICE CREAM in them? Only at Christmas!


P.S. As I write this and budget my time to the minute (from leaving work to departing for the party), I get a call from the husband.... running late to pick me up.... OK bub, now I'm sacrificing painting my nails. Deeeeep breaths.

P.P.S. (and risking a bit of Bloggessishness) I get the very distinct privilege of helping a friend MOVE tomorrow!!! Yes, during the snow storm. Can someone say AWESOMMME? But I don't do so begrudgingly, as she is a very very dear, sweet and genuine friend who has helped us move and helps us in other ways without complaint, so I do so with absolute pleasure!

It's unfair, really.

They say like attracts like. I think I want to hold tightly to this motto and never let it go.

After completing a recent (visual) (non-formal) survey, I've discovered that I have really really ridiculously good looking friends. Oh, and they're smart, funny, talented and successful, too. I could use the term fabulous, but it really doesn't do them justice. They're stunning; they're amazing.

So.... in consideration of my new motto listed above, does this make me amazing by association? It's okay if it does. Because either I AM amazing, or my friends really aren't as smart as I may have implied to have a less-than-amazing friend like me around.

I mean it though - they truly are great people. They've accomplished great things (pharmacist, law student, new mommy, improv comedian), they look wonderful and have great style, and they are all just the most sweet, genuine, and wonderful people. The men that love them should consider themselves extremely lucky.

And to those other fortunate men out there that have yet to find their way to my incredible single friends, don't be intimidated by their beauty and fantasticalness, but also don't fuck up ;-)


Monday, December 15, 2008

Camera-Ready: A product spotlight

M.A.C Brush #187 - Dual Fibre Brush

Use: applying foundation, bronzer, blush, highlighter, finishing powder

I absolutely love this brush. I use it daily for foundation and if it didn't have the residue from the liquid foundation on it, I would really like to use it with my finishing powder as well. I'm considering buying a second smaller version for this purpose.

I wasn't exactly sure about it's use when I saw it in stores; there were little blurbs about what it's meant for, but I still didn't entirely understand. Sephora has this type of brush and described it in stores to "blend face products - wet or dry - into the skin for a flawless finish." But.... how exactly?

Pick up your product on the white nylon fibers and stipple (dot) on, then blend in with circular motions. You can do as little or as much coverage as you prefer.

Ahhh, perfection!


Blogging: A Part Time Job.

I had no idea that blogging could cause such an identity crisis. (It's almost as bad as my issues with some friends/family calling me Katrina and others calling me Katie, but we'll save that for another post that I'll type up halfway and likely never publish.)

A few friends have just recently unveiled new blogs of their own, causing me some blog insecurities.

What am I trying to do here, exactly? Am I trying to be funny? If so, I think I just might be failing. And if not funny, then what?? What, praytell, do I have to offer that others can't? My only answers to that are 1) my amazing metaphor and philosophizing skills 2) my advice-giving /question-answering skills and 3) my tips for makeup / hair / beauty.

I suppose a combination of those things might make for some relatively entertaining posts. "Blush cures depression: it's effect on mood and overall life outlook" could be a start. Or not.

Secondly, who the hell is reading my blog? I posted about this previously, but now that I've added the link to my Facebook page (wooo, exciting), maybe there's like 2 or 3 other people that have looked. They most likely scanned, read the first few lines of something or other and continued with their Facebook stalking of other, more interesting people.

I really don't get why this has caused me such stress. I know I don't want to be one of those really really LAME blogs out there that just blathers on about... God, who the hell cares... so hopefully I can avoid that "category."

Now that I have a "blog network" (aka me and three other friends that are now blogging as well), perhaps a few people will click on my link from their pages and suddently become addicted to my good looks and great writing!

So, based on my above concluded "theme," I'm thinking I'll do some regular features: a beauty product or technique spotlight, a spouting my philosophies segment and perhaps an "answers to life's most pressing questions" here and there.

Sounds like a blog to me.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Blush, yes, but ART? Not even close.

Our girls weekend at Grand View Lodge was fabulous! We started with 8 and welcomed a 9th with the help of some circular Patron shots and a little Lamaze technique. Don't ask. We had plenty of food, booze, and a whole crapload of fun.

In the wee small hours of Sunday morning, a personal moment of bliss and brilliance occured (shear genius?). While we were going for vintage-sleepover and brushing each other's hair, the wonderfully crazy Kathryn decided to begin teasing dear Andrea's hair. From that chaos, I found a dose of clarity.

We ended up competing in a "tease off" -- while I could not compete with the "organic" and "primitive" effect that her "front-combing" technique provided, my "modern" styles did win in the structure and vision departments. It's pretty frickin' avant garde, if I do say so myself.

If a little hairspray, a brush and a few bobby pins can result in these creations, what could I do with the proper training and tools at my fingertips? My mouth waters at the prospect.

Aubrey -- Spartan soldier helmet?

Kathryn -- Roman warrior princess?


Somewhat similarly, I've been catching Lifetime's reality show BLUSH -- a makeup artist spin on the Project Runway idea. While I do believe the artists to have true talent and occasional inspiration, I find myself disappointed on a weekly basis! These people are commissioned to create art, and they perform so POORLY, it just makes me fume.

For example: one of this week's challenges was to makeover twins into a "good twin/evil twin" look. FAIL.

The only difference I see is a little extra darkish eyeshadow, some liner and some ratted hair (I wonder if the hair stylist "front combed" it). Really? That's "evil??" If I had been a contestant on the show, I would have gone a bit crazy. Here's a tip - if the theme is something dramatic like 'evil,' maybe that's a good indicator to take the concept outside the box and the eyeshadow outside the lines. Yes? Yes. My other idea was to make the "evil" twin look angelic on the outside and the "good" twin wear the dramatic makeup -- OMG, I would totally win this show.

And Andrea, if you're reading this: go buy new makeup brushes. ;-)

Peace, love and a Shu Uemura,


Thursday, December 4, 2008

You're gonna be popular! But not as popular as me.

Well? I'm just being honest.

WICKED!!!! Brian and I saw it last night - It lived up to all the hype and then some! I was thrilled to be there after all I'd heard, and can now safely say it's my favorite musical! Although, I must admit that at first I was really wishing I could have seen it (HEARD it) done by the original cast (because I want to BE Idina Menzel and I want to put teeny Kristin Chenoweth in my pocket to sing and dance for me at my command ;-)

(And OMIGOD, I want to be Idina even more after learning that she MARRIED Taye Diggs..... droooool)

BUT, I was pleasantly surprized -- neigh, flabbergasted! -- at the talent in the actresses used for this tour! They were FABULOUS!!!! Here are a few pics from the evening:

Being wicked? - - - - - -The Orpheum
Brian, Me, Bill

And incase you were curious, YES, I wore green eyeshadow ;-)

This weekend, I'm heading out of the city for a weekend retreat up at Grand View Lodge with some girlfriends. And by retreat, I of course mean boozefest. Yes, I'm planning to wear sweatpants during the booze consumption. I really hope there are pickle rolls, because I LOVE THEM.

When I was first told of this adventure, I mistakenly googled Grand Lodge, which FIRST brought up "The Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks of the USA"...... ?? OK, next entry -- as some Twin Citians may know, The Grand Lodge is the hotel connected to the Water Park of America. ..... ..... I was at first a bit surprised that this group of girlfriends would pick such a destination, but then I was secretly all like OMG YESSSSS!!! at the thought of bounding around an indoor waterpark in December and talking about fun stuff like The Jonas Brothers and HSM and Twilight and going down slides and stuff. I luuurve waterparks! But then I figured out my mistake and played it all cool like "Yeah, I asked if we needed to bring swimsuit and towel for the... uh... spa! YES, because that's what we chic, classy WOMEN do on weekend 'retreats'.... no not swimming. SPA." Actually I think Andrea was fairly entertained at my waterpark enthusiasm -- if anyone appreciates random (and usually humorous) displays of quirkiness and individuality, it's Miss Comedienne herself.

Point is that I'm THRILLED to go away on this little adventure with some seriously fun gals and some equally fun vodka. (Fun gals + vodka + waterslides?? Add that to my to-do list.)



Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's addicting.... like salt & vinegar chips

I've found that I rather enjoy this new endeavor of mine. While I've meandered through my share of editing issues and difficulties, I think I've managed a pretty kick ass blog. I mean... as far as layout goes. Content is another story entirely. But I'm working on it! You might call it... my baby.

SAY, speaking of babies! I've got some mad-crazy baby rabies surging through my estrogen-fueled bod. It's insatiable! Every now and again I'll check out The Bump (mommy version of The Knot) to see if anything speaks to me. I think what I might be seeking is some sort of "design an adorable nursery!" feature, or maybe a "dress up this adorable baby girl." But, that might make me a borderline stranger baby taker amber alert kidnapper pretend the baby is mine kind of woman. And I just don't think I want to be that. Not yet anyway.

So, I supress the urge with booze and bad decision-making.

stops for a minute to think of a logical transition into my next subject.... nope, not happening...

Why do magazines insist that we all have fancy holiday parties to go to?? Every time I flip through it's like "Buy this rhinestoned dress, and these sequined shoes, and master this grand updo technique before your next holiday party!" Pretty sure the parties that I'm planning to attend involve jeans and a sweater. Maybe even sweatpants, if I'm really lucky. So dear friends, while you prepare for your chic parties (in your urban Uptown brownstones) for this holiday season, sure, bring out the caviar, the Dom Perignon, and the fine imported cheese, but please don't forget the pickle rollups and don't disown me when I arrive in fuzzy socks.

Your Holly Jolly friend,

Yes, I blog, but who reads?? Pass the ice cream.

I'm currently struggling with the logistics of this blog. I know it probably shouldn't bother me as much as it apparently is, but I just love (italics = sarcasm in this use) to overanalyze things. That's a lie -- I DO overanalyze things, but I hate it.

First of all, I'm annoyed by the fact that my email address is katematchwedding -- not exactly the header I want for my bloggingness. Why did google have to give katematch to someone else? And apparently someone who doesn't use English?? (I decided that maybe I had long ago signed up with katematch, so I clicked the "forgot my password" and it came up with a reminder question in another language... something slavic or scandanavian, perhaps? Either way, it wasn't me.)

Secondly, to whom do I send this blog? I know there are a few friends with internet addictions (who shall remain nameless) that may peruse from time to time -- maybe I'm even lucky enough to be listed as a favorite? -- but beyond that, I'm a bit perplexed. I could post the link for all to see, but that leaves me in a bit of a conundrum if I ever want to talk about "those people." Kidding. Kind of.

So, as I sit and ponder these things, I suppose I'm just perpetuating the idea of overanalyzation... I guess maybe I should just move on entirely.... for my mental health.

I found the most AMAZING flavor of ice cream at the grocery store the other day! Now, I can't exactly have ice cream in the house because it will be gone in 36 hours or less from the time of purchase. Yet for some reason, I tempted fate and waltzed down the frozen food aisle and right under the sign for "Ice Cream / Frozen Novelties." And whooooooo boy, this stuff is good..... strangely, it came out of some American Idol ice cream flavor contest. Huh?

Without further ado.... the best ice cream [I've] ever [tasted in the past few years I can remember] award goes to:

Edy's Slow Churned "Take The Cake"

<-- Sunglasses = American Idol?

From the website it's described as "Yellow cake-flavored light ice cream with frosting swirl and multicolored sprinklesss."
(For what it's worth, that color detail in multicolored sprinkles took a lot of extra time. That's committment, people.)

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.... I'm drooling right now. Too bad I polished off the rest last night, or I totally would have had it for breakfast!

So this ends today's segment here on the Random Tangeants Morning Show. "Go fuck yourself, San Diego."


Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey hangover

So, I'm at work. AT WORK. Doing absolutely nothing. I read InTouch magazine already (I was going to make reference to something interesting in the world of celebrity gossip, but couldn't think of anything. Fitting, eh?), did the Sudoku in the back, stared at the wall.... UGH, there's nothing to do. If I had spent more than 10 minutes getting ready at home this morning, perhaps I would have thought to bring my thank-yous in to write. It's only been 5 weeks since the wedding. Sighhhhhhhh.

I don't understand why my bosses find it necessary for us to be here today. Especially to be here ALL DAY. I mean, I understand that a hospital never closes and therefore we will always have employees working here, but must we be here the entire day? Oh well. I'm getting paid.

Thanksgiving was successful yesterday. We had two gatherings to attend -- one "extended family" at my cousin's in Golden Valley, and one with immediate family in Apple Valley. Brian and I were in charge of making the Pumpkin Chiffon pie and "kids stuffing" (aka Stove Top) for our evening gathering at my dad & stepmom's house. Both turned out amazingly, if I do say so myself. My stepmom loves to plop strange ingredients into her stuffing -- this year it was dried apricots and.... heck, I don't know, I ate the Stove Top! We opted to make it with chicken stock instead of water, and then added sauteed onions and celery. Yummmmmmm. I think we shall incorporate Stove Top more regularly into our dinner rotation.

OK.... looking back, this entire blog post is like "what I've been doing since the last time I blogged - the minutiae of my life." BORING. Maybe I should blog about my philosophies and ideals instead? Nah.

Yesterday, I found myself thinking of Thanksgiving as really more "Pre-Christmas." For example, I showed up at my parents to find they had put up a Christmas tree and were playing Christmas music. And following tradition, after dinner, we watched A Christmas Story. Granted, my father absolutely loves Christmas. Eh well, I suppose Thanksgiving through New Years are just rolled into "Happy Holidays" anyway....

Happy Holidays,

P.S. I was quite excited to see that there were two comments on my first blog post - and then I realized that my OWN comment counted. FAIL.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Well damn.

So I write my first post, get all excited about it, think I'm spouting out some pretty good stuff, hit post.... and realize that it's like a tiny blip of a statement. How do people do it? How does one manage to be entertained by one's own thoughts long enough to make those HUGE posts I've seen?

My guess would be that they're just numb to the fact that other people STOP reading out of boredom. Do you really like to hear yourself talk that much? There are very few people that I find interesting enough to read THAT much of.... and they're either authors or The Bloggess. On very rare occasions, she may lose me, but typically my ADHD is to blame. It's not her fault, really. There are just too many shiny objects in my proximity.

Anyways.... it's amazing that my post about my other post lasted this long. Hope my readers don't have ADHD like me.

Cherry -- who loves shiny things

Blog: day 1

Is there a blogging 101 class I should be taking? Rule 1: post more than once or you'll look really lame.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have opinions about anything and everything. And usually those people know that I have an uncanny ability to be right all the time. Weird! I guess I get it from my dad.... the man loves to write, philosophize, analyze, dissect, reminisce and know. It's that last one that really perpetuates all the others. The man just KNOWS stuff! Granted, he doesn't have the same level of accuracy as I do, but he's pretty darn smart.

Family occasions, much like tomorrow's Thanksgiving feast, involve a great deal of usless facts, witty banter, ......

WhyTF is something crashing outside of my office?? I hate this place today.

Tangeant over.

.....generally a gathering of intelligent and fabulous folk. It's a meeting of the minds, really. But the thing I love MOST about my family (and friends as well) is the sense of ease and self we have when we're together. AND, I love the fact that it's the same way they go about their daily existence, no matter who they are with. Granted, we all will adapt to our surroundings and often play to the parts of ourselves that best match with whom we are interacting, but the general sense is that we are who we are 100% of the time.

I find that I really choose to sourround myself with the same type of people. I love having good hearted, fun, genuine friends that can hold intellectual conversation, discuss beliefs, faith, politics, psychology, etc. But it's not just about intelligence. I have a 6th sense for sniffing out fake, contrived, and other general lamenesses such as these. And once I sense it, I get the most awful "taste in my mouth" sort of effect and can't listen to another word they say.

Point of the story is: be you, be your smart, crazy, mistake-making, fabulous, weird-habitted self and don't back down.