Monday, April 12, 2010

The Taste of Summer.

As many of you have experienced and shared, I love me some delightful summer cocktails whilst enjoying delightful summer sunshine. There's nothing better than that cool, refreshing beverage in hand while you (and friends) partake in patio time, sit on a deck or -best of all- lounge by a pool.

An aside: I no longer live at my apartment complex and it KILLS me that I won't be able to host pool time this summer. For the first time since.... 2004 :-(

Have you ever indulged in a Blojito? A delicious summer cocktail option invented by my brother. A trait that seems to run in the family, as my dad loves to make up his own drinks as well. Being a gal who loves to create her own tasty beverages, I often will make up random concoctions; every so often, a classic is born.

I give you the Blue Lemon.

Stoli Blueberry, like other Stoli flavors, is a really good interpretation of the intended flavor. It seems very natural and light (unlike our friends at UV). San Pellegrino's Limonata has a similar feeling - an airy, crisp lemon taste, just enough carbonation, and those adorable little cans! Paired together, you get a delicious, light cocktail with just enough flavor for summer - nothing heavy or syrupy here.

While you're not likely to find bars that can serve this treat, I do have an alternative: order yourself a Stoli blue with lemonade AND soda, and you'll have a remix that's close enough for government work.


(If you're curious - the Blojito recipe: vodka, Simply Limeade blender-ed with fresh mint leaves, and Archer Farms Blood Orange Italian Soda)