Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So, this one time... in beauty school....

(Please notice my attempt at increased frequency. Or then again maybe don't notice so I don't feel obligated to keep it up!)

I know plenty of people that I talk to these days want to hear my tales of beauty school: what we learn about, what we master, where we are now, when we take clients, etc. It's fun to share, because honestly I never knew these things either before starting school! So, here are some fun facts:

What we learn
hair cutting, coloring, chemical services (perms and relaxers), makeup application, facial cleansing and waxing, nails (natural and artificial)

How the program works
We start out 100% classroom and complete 8-week cycles. Every 8 weeks we move up a step and a new class starts at the beginning: The Circle of Life. The program lasts as long as it takes us to fulfill our required 1550 hours of Cosmo school to become licensed (plus exams) -- there are, however, attendance requirements set by the school so it shouldn't take anyone more than a year to complete unless they take a leave of absence or something. I am "scheduled" to be done on August 24th, but due to planned absences (aka: weddings) hope to be done just a few days after. Will definitely be done by August 31st.

So far, at week.... 14?...we've covered just about everything. As we learn various techniques, we have a "model day" where we bring in a real person to work on - these have happened over the past 7 Saturdays that we've been in school. Starting at 15 weeks, we take our first paying client (if you're keeping track, that's NEXT WEEK), but still have classroom time 1-2 days a week to keep up on "other" skills that we don't always get to practice on the clinic floor.

How to be a client
Why, what a great question! I'm so glad you asked!! ;-) To be a client of mine, just follow these steps:
1. Call Aveda to make an appointment, sometime within my hours (Tu-Sat from 8:30-5pm)
2. Text/email/FB me to let me know when and for what you're coming so I can get you on MY calendar
3. When you check in that day, say you'd like to request Katrina M #67636 -- I will have notified my instructors that I have a request coming in, so magic should occur :-)

Life lessons at Aveda
1. I wish I had done this 9 years ago instead of waiting
2. ...BUT, I'm very glad not to be 18 and doing this, because those kids just don't appreciate it the same way as we "old folks" do
3. Cosmetologists / cosmo students are not the most intelligent people one might find in the world

And so so so much more.

That's all I have to say for now - lots of other things to talk about and discuss, so hopefully I get readers again soon. And a shoutout to Kelley who happened to check and comment on my anticipated return :-)


  1. Hey, I was excited to see you're back too! :)

    Regarding Aveda Life Lesson #3: There are women like me who are dying for an intelligent stylist/esthetician. My stylist is my best friend's sister-in-law and she's from my hometown, so we generally make conversation about her nephews and mutual friends, but then she asks me about school and I get two sentences out of my mouth and her eyes glaze over. Total sweetie, but she's not the sharpest tack.

    You might give me motivation to finally break up with her and break free from my Coon Rapids Hair.

  2. Glad you're back! Your school life sounds very interesting!

  3. I feel so cool! I forgot to ask when I called you the other day about Erin's (P.S. You were missed) if you were still doing make-up services, and it sounds like you are. I'll get back to you on that via e-mail regarding a fall wedding I'm in. Mmmmkay thanks.