Thursday, March 4, 2010

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I clicked it. I've officially applied to Spalon Montage. Woot!

After the passing of the first 19 weeks of school, I've decided it's time to get serious about my job hunting. So I came home, finished tidying up my resume, thoughtfully prepared my online application and poof! I'm done!

When considering where I might find myself come licensure and graduation, a few factors have come to mind:

1. I'd like to stay central - no Blaine, no Maple Grove, no Apple Valley (NO!) for me. I need to stay in the Minneapolis area, or at least the first tier suburbs. I think. Brian works in NE Minneapolis these days, and we'll be looking for a home (NOT in Apple Valley (sorry dad)), and settling down somewhere between our two places of employment, so the thought of being "commuters" really isn't our scene.

2. I want to be a generalist - I don't want to have to choose between cutting and color/chemical services. As a stylist, especially a new stylist, I want to really hone both sets of skills and be able to provide for my client's every hair need. Besides - we're not doctors, people. Physicians specialize because they have to learn [-------- this much --------] information about their specialty. I'm pretty sure I can handle the amount of information I need to know about both hair color/chem and cutting.

3. I'm really seeking a professional, high quality vibe. At this point in school, and at this point in life, I feel like I've really put in some good work, and that I kind of deserve to work in that sort of environment. And I'm not the kind of person to eff-up and find herself on Tabitha, so I've got that going for me.....

4. I enjoy the marriage of spa and salon atmospheres. I think that hair services can be very theraputic, relaxing and rejuvenating, and fit well into that ideaology. It also comes back to the idea of a one-stop-shop for all your beauty pampering needs.

5. I hope for the kind of place that attracts a regular clientele - aka NOT a hotel salon. While that idea sounds fun, I really want to have the kind of career where I see people all week long that I look forward to catching up with, and many of whom I could consider my friends. I want to hear updates on life, babies, relationships, jobs, travels, etc. and I don't want to have to small talk my way through the days.

What salon or type of salon do you frequent? I'm all ears!


  1. Traycia, I stumbled onto your Blog, quite impressive! I am a former Partner/Owner of Spalon Montage, I have sent a link to your Blog to my brother Mitchell Wherley (Spalon Montage CEO) and encourage he take a good look.
    If I can be of any help in your "career " search, don't hesitate to ask, I love connecting with Technicians that are driven and motivated, you are inspiring! Good luck!

    Robbin Julien

  2. I miss so many of my clients! :(

    I think you are good to apply at a "chain" place. I say chain loosely. Spalon is large enough it's not going anywhere (unlike the place I worked..) and they have a reputation that will always attract new clients.

    I currently go to Juut. I really enjoy it - because I love the women that I see. I am loyal to them first, not really to Juut. I love the Aveda product & experience, but it's the people that keep me there, not the free cup of comforting tea. My ladies are fabulous. Personal, warm, caring, GREAT at what they do...

    I personally do not mind seeing different people for cut & color - but there isn't anything wrong with doing both. I specialized in cutting - the constant chemical exposure really hurt my nose/lungs, so being that I had to pick, cutting was the natural choice for me.

    I think it's great that you know what you are looking for - Good luck!