Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm going to complain about how I hate people that complain....

I'm probably not the only one in the world who has ever been annoyed by someone else's Facebook status. And not even in the sense that someone has been passive-aggressively referring to something I did, or insulting my opinions or beliefs. I'm talking about the no-holds-barred COMPLAINING.

You know the people - they do it on Facebook, they do it in person, they talk to you on the phone and spend 10 minutes bitching in your ear. Ever the pessimists, they'll instantly see negative in anything. The world is out to get me!!!

I was a bit inspired by this recently shared blog post about being Comfortable to share it, and also my thoughts about our comfort and often the complaining that comes right along with it. The truth of the matter comes down to this: we have very little to really complain about, but we are also more "heard" these days, what with our abilities to so instantly share our thoughts with the masses.

So here's a question for you..... if people are "hearing" you more now, what exactly are you saying?? Are you a facebook user? Probably. Go back through your status updates just to see what you've been saying lately. Regardless of what you've been saying, you could probably benefit from a little rose-colored-glasses therapy.

Here's my challenge list:

1. Say something you love about your job, coworkers, or even your commute.

2. Get excited about 2-3 things about winter -- a new coat, hot chocolate, Christmas decorations, fresh snow when it sparkles, going sledding with a kid....

3. If you hate -or are just bored with- your wardrobe or accessories, arrange an exchange with a friend or 10.

4. Pick 5 things about yourself that you like, and similarly, learn to accept a compliment!!

5. Read about how Mpls-St.Paul is America's Most Relaxed City and contemplate all the reasons you love your house, city, area, state.

6. Thank EVERYONE who does something for you as if they'd just given you a kidney and a second chance to live. Over-tip your waitstaff, barista or hairstylist.... jkkkkk.

OK so now I'm just falling asleep, so I'll call it quits here....



  1. I knew I wasn't the only one on FB that is fed up with all the whining!! Seriously, what do these people REALLY have to complain about? If you woke up in a warm bed, can eat whatever and whenever you choose, HAVE a job, obviously have a computer, and have friends you can complain to, what the hell do you want?? Thanks for the post..I'm new here, and I can see we think alike. Rock on ;-)

  2. Hit the next blog and came to your blog. This is the EXACT same thing I was thinking all nite! Crazy! And when they complain it is over the silliest, most unimportant things in the world. But, they act like their life sucks because of it! :]

  3. I too hit the Next blog and came up with yours!

    As for your post, I toally agree, sing it Sister! Seriously though, I have a good friend who I just "hid" on FB for this very reason. I find my grimacing when I read her posts. boo!