Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blog: day 1

Is there a blogging 101 class I should be taking? Rule 1: post more than once or you'll look really lame.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have opinions about anything and everything. And usually those people know that I have an uncanny ability to be right all the time. Weird! I guess I get it from my dad.... the man loves to write, philosophize, analyze, dissect, reminisce and know. It's that last one that really perpetuates all the others. The man just KNOWS stuff! Granted, he doesn't have the same level of accuracy as I do, but he's pretty darn smart.

Family occasions, much like tomorrow's Thanksgiving feast, involve a great deal of usless facts, witty banter, ......

WhyTF is something crashing outside of my office?? I hate this place today.

Tangeant over.

.....generally a gathering of intelligent and fabulous folk. It's a meeting of the minds, really. But the thing I love MOST about my family (and friends as well) is the sense of ease and self we have when we're together. AND, I love the fact that it's the same way they go about their daily existence, no matter who they are with. Granted, we all will adapt to our surroundings and often play to the parts of ourselves that best match with whom we are interacting, but the general sense is that we are who we are 100% of the time.

I find that I really choose to sourround myself with the same type of people. I love having good hearted, fun, genuine friends that can hold intellectual conversation, discuss beliefs, faith, politics, psychology, etc. But it's not just about intelligence. I have a 6th sense for sniffing out fake, contrived, and other general lamenesses such as these. And once I sense it, I get the most awful "taste in my mouth" sort of effect and can't listen to another word they say.

Point of the story is: be you, be your smart, crazy, mistake-making, fabulous, weird-habitted self and don't back down.




  1. I like the new blog smell.

  2. Like new tennis shoes, all rubbery and glue smelling.

  3. Who are you, so wise in the ways of things?

    Nice blog!