Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Well damn.

So I write my first post, get all excited about it, think I'm spouting out some pretty good stuff, hit post.... and realize that it's like a tiny blip of a statement. How do people do it? How does one manage to be entertained by one's own thoughts long enough to make those HUGE posts I've seen?

My guess would be that they're just numb to the fact that other people STOP reading out of boredom. Do you really like to hear yourself talk that much? There are very few people that I find interesting enough to read THAT much of.... and they're either authors or The Bloggess. On very rare occasions, she may lose me, but typically my ADHD is to blame. It's not her fault, really. There are just too many shiny objects in my proximity.

Anyways.... it's amazing that my post about my other post lasted this long. Hope my readers don't have ADHD like me.

Cherry -- who loves shiny things

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