Friday, February 27, 2009

Showing off the goods and illegally parked Durangos?

I'm really into the spirit of blogging now that I've given it a facelift. It like a brand new me! And everyone knows that when you get a makeover, you turn into a total whore. So this is me figuratively shakin it for you. Woot woot!

This isn't exactly a real blog post, so you can feel free to disregard.

I feel very powerful today. I've been entering in some HR "corrective actions" and it makes me feel all badass and HR cool. Which leads to my next story.....

There's a turnaround right outside my office with obvious "No Parking" "Fire Lane" and "15-minute Load Zone" signs plastered all around. Well, one woman has decided that she is free from the law, and parks her Durango there ALL DAY. And not just all day once... all day every day. She and her stumpy legs teeter away from her car into a nearby office building never to be seen again (until 4pm).

Well GUESS WHAT, lady? I'm going VIGIL ANTE on your ass today! That's right. I called it in to the Fairview security and emailed the UMPD. You and your free parking can SUCK IT!

Wow, this is a really boring post.


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