Thursday, July 23, 2009

Housing Update!

OK, time to talk about something happeeeeeey!

As you may or may not know, B and I are moving mid-August. HOORAY!!! We're headed to NE Minneapolis and are thrilled at the coming change.

The purpose of our relocation is to be closer to school for me (so I can walk, bike, or bus there) and to "downsize" in terms of cost.

And also to get out of the effing Burlington.

Although I can't hate it as much now that the pool opened yesterday....!!!

Our new place is an upper unit duplex. It has refinished (aka "gleaming!) hardwood floors, original woodwork around the "archways" and windows, updated kitchen, clawfoot tub, a cute front porch and other fun. There are some really great features about this place. The rent was the cheapest we found, the landlord is great and really put together, it has free laundry, storage in the basement, good space in the kitchen.... oh yeah, and we get our own front door. Finally!

Here are a few pics for your viewing:

Front of house (duhr). We're the upstairs unit. See the cute porch? I can't wait to put flowers and chairs and a table out there :-)

Front-side: windows along the side there are living room, dining room (2), kitchen (2) and then a strange little porch. I think we'll put a trash bin there. Or recycling. Or the kitties when they're nauuuughty.

Kitchen (duhrrr): only this wall has cabinets, but there's a big original built in on the other side. Stove is gas (victory) and there's room in the center for an island/cart of some sort.

The right door leads into the bathroom, and the left door to the 2nd bedroom/"guestroom" (back right corner of house)

And here's my dorked up little floor plan (not actual size) -- you can click it to see the image full size.

Cute place, yes? We're very excited. You can certainly expect more pictures to come as we head back in once we're "tenants."



  1. I love that you posted your rendition of the flooring plan :D

  2. I would be lying if I said I hadn't looked at it 20+ times since it's creation....

  3. If you have any crazy online blog stalkers you just gave them a map directly to your location. But at least you will be stalked in an AWESOME new place!

  4. CRAP, I meant to change that earlier. Thanks Lem.