Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wake Up!!!

I found this on YouTube and HAD to share.

This piece was something we did in high school. It was an instant favorite because of the strong emotion and amazingly uplifting ending. We sang it as our final piece at our senior choir concert and cried like little girls (especially you, Katie G).

You MUST follow along with the lyrics, as the poetry is 50% of the beauty of this piece.

Your heart and soul will rejoice right along with it, I promise!

I dreamed a dream,
a silent dream of a land not far away
where no bird sang, no steeples rang, and teardrops fell like rain.

I dreamed a dream; a silent dream.
I dreamed a dream of a land so filled with pride
that every song, both weak and strong, withered and died.

I dreamed a dream
No hallelujah; not one hosanna!
No song of love, no lullaby.
And no choir sang to change the world.
No pipers played, no dancers twirled.
I dreamed a dream; a silent dream.

Awake, awake! Soli deo gloria! Awake, Awake!
Awake my soul and sing, the time for praise has come.
The silence of the night has passed, a new day has begun!

Let music never die in me; forever let my spirit sing!
Wherever emptiness is found let there be joy and glorious sound.

Let music never die in me; forever let my spirit sing!
Let all our voices join as one to praise the giver of the sun!

Awake, awake! Let music live!

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