Wednesday, August 5, 2009

THE update:

I signed my life away at Aveda the other day. Oooooo!!! It's very very exciting and very TERRRIFYING at the same time. I'm thrilled at the prospect of getting a formal education in something that's been a long-time passion, but also scared at all the risk involved in delving into a new industry, especially one as fickle and inconsistent as beauty.

A few things:

I have to wear all black all the time: full-length pants, solid black tops and close-toed shoes. This means my wardrobe needs some serious updating. I have two pairs of black pants - one that's a little tight (ehhh) and one that's 3" too long on the leg (regulars are way short and talls are too long...). I have maybe two solid black tops that will suffice. And as for pairs of shoes - there's ONE I could last in all day. OY. I forsee a couple of bucks being spent on clothes to last me my 11 months of school. Huzzah.

I messaged my stylist, Kim at Cole's Salon Eagan Station, via Facebook and told her the good news. I also asked if she had any names I could contact to inquire about potential jobs upon graduation.... WELL, Kim said that Nikki (a girl I went to HS with who has worked reception at Coles for years) had mentioned me to their manager, as had Kim, so now the manager is all excited to meet me! I haven't even STARTED school yet, and I'm already desirable. What an awesome feeling!!!

OK, that's all for now!

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  1. Do you still get the white Aveda coats? I was able to get by with a lot of clothing because of the white coat. Don't spend much on the clothing either - you'll soon realize that you are coming home with hair clippings on you, you (or someone around you) will spill hair color or lightener on you and color your black an awful rusty color, and your work/Aveda clothes will only want to be worn at Aveda.
    Congrats on the big step! Aveda is the place to go if you are going to do it.. and I could prob. share some stories/insight about a few of the instructors.