Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Energy savings according to me.

It has been colder than a morgue lately and our super leaky house just loves to invite the breeze inside. And there's plennnnnty of breeze to go around. But I just sort of can't turn on the heat yet..... for one, I don't like the *smell* of heat. Call me weird. I'm really sensitive to hot air, and especially hate when it's in my face (I HATE getting into other people's cars when they have the heat on full blast). Additionally, heating is expensive - need I remind you my house is old and leaky? - and also it costs a lot of money.

So, my basic plan of keeping warm is this:
1. Apply flannel evenly to lower half
2. Apply cotton t-shirt to upper half
3. Apply cotton/comfy fuzzy sherpa insidey hoodie to upper half
4. Apply sock 1 to foot A and sock 2 to foot B
5. Insert foot A into slipper C and foot B into slipper D
6. While seated in recliner (not included), spread thin layer of cotton blanket evenly from chest down

And finally.....
You know what's a kind-of-cheaper and much more fun than turning up the thermostat? Red wine. Seriously. Have a glass or two or three and you'll feel flush, warm and toasty, regardless of what degree your thermostat may have fallen to... ///56 DEGREES??? I need more wine.\\\

Oh, I bought a sweet new parka. It will get it's own post after I have the chance to test-drive it outside.

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