Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An update.... and an attempted return to bloggery.

Hi folks! It's about that time for another mediocre attempt at returning to my blog! Huzzah!!!

Things are excellent -- I started my new job at Cole's Salon at Eagan Station on Sept 7th and have been totally and completely happy with my decision to work there. I'm chock-full of reasons why it's a great company, and I'd love to share:

1. They're extremely successful.
Cole's Salons have been in business for 31 years now. That's a long time. And the company is littered with people who've been there for 20, 25, 30 years who love what they do, and love for whom they do it. In fact, Star Tribune listed Cole's as the #2 Mid-size company to work for in Minnesota. And because of the ESOP program, we all get to have shares in the company stock. Cole's is 44% employee owned. We work our butts off AND reap the rewards.

(If I could have my way, I'd beef up their website and marketing, expand further INTO the cities - say Bloomington, even - and really make COLE'S known as a high-end group of salons. We sell amazing products, and staff extremely talented people! Let's tell the world!!!! My biggest pet-peeve is when people hear "Cole's" and think "Kohls"......)

2. I fit there very very well.
There's just something so perfectly balanced about it.... laid-back, but high-quality... family-friendly, but theraputic.... efficient, but personal.... Cole's has mastered the art of treating clients like family. Growing up in the area and going to Cole's as a child, I experienced this first hand. We have many clients under the age of 18.... and many under the age of 8. They see the same hairdresser from their first day of Kindergarten until their high school prom, and beyond. Some now bring their own children with them. And that is EXACTLY the kind of place I want to be. I want to bring my own friends and family who are now my clients into a place where they feel welcomed, served, and treated like guests. I can't tell you how many trainers I've had tell me "your station is your home, and your client is your guest - bring them in, and always ask them back."

The thing about my coworkers is that I not only enjoy them personally, but I also get a great deal of guidance and mentorship from them professionally. These ladies (we have no guys at our location!) know how to WORK. IT. OUT. I'm not kidding you. It's intimidating and inspiring. And also intimidating.

3. They are committed to ME. As an employee and a PERSON!
There's a big piece of our new staff training where they talk about being a "lifelong learner" and developing yourself personally and professionally. The beauty industry is not one that likes to stay the same for very long, so that concept is extremely important professionally. But on a personal level, Cole's has something called "Golden Nuggets." When I started, they provided me with a small "nugget" notebook and the book Life's Greatest Lessons by Hal Urban (READ IT). Every day, we spend time reading this or other books of the self-help, inspirational, motivational sort. And as we read, we are encouraged to write down statements from the book that resonate. As we add more and more, we go back and read them, and continue to develop ourselves, whether it be bettering our habits, philosophies on life or achieving goals. It's a wonderful practice, and I like to add that tidbit of inspiration to my workday, if only to fend off a case of the Mondays.

A favorite Golden Nugget: "Pain is inevitable..... but misery is optional."

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Now, I need to address another piece of this, and that's Spalon Montage. While I did interview there, and was "in process" as an applicant from March to August, I was turned down for a position. By email. ? I interviewed very well, I've never ever ever had a problem connecting with someone in an interview, and I had a *fantastic* resume for a new graduate from beauty school. And, after being told in one interview that they don't do technical interviews but hire based on personality (a philosophy I support), it stung a bit.... The only reason that I could think for not being selected is that I would not fit in with their aesthetic..... 50th & France can't employ anyone that can't fit into Anthropologie's overpriced-yet-girlishly-adorable offerings. Pfffft. So what if I want to wear MuMus to work and smell like fried chicken??!? lol lol

But honestly, I really don't care! I'm SOOO happy at my salon, and I'm happy to work for a company for which I'm truly passionate. I'm PROUD of the work we do, the people we staff, the clients we serve and the ways we do it.

So here's my suggestion for our new marketing campaign:

Cole's Salons: Turning Clients into Family since 1979


OOOH, and #4 - the products are the BEST: Aveda, Bumble & bumble and Oribe? Yes please!

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  1. I adore the Bumble & Bumble volumizing hair spray you got for me. seriously, LOVE IT.

    I'm happy you're so happy :)