Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The soothing scent of Acetone.

I gotta tell you, painting my nails is like weekly therapy for me.  So much so that I'm actually writing a blog post about it.  But that's mostly because my blog seemed sad, and I literally just finished up my paint job.

My usual process involves donning some sweat pants (none of that VS Pink shit, I mean real, grey, drawstring waist, purchased at the U of M Sports store and say "Gopher Wrestling" on one leg), cozying up on my recliner, and watching some cable TV, God love it.  I use my skills as a whack-a-doo perfectionist to ensure a perfectly executed manicure.  It's like my own zen rock garden.... raking the sand....

One of the best parts is the ability to sit and do nothing with very good reason!  I can't mess up my manicure!  

Errrr.... so that's as far as I've thought this post through.  Huh.  Anyone watching Conan right now?  Hilarious!  

Here are my favorite nail polishes!  That's a good idea!!

CND Stickey Base Coat

CND Super Shiney Top Coat

OPI Vampsterdam

OPI Skull & Glossbones (discontinued... buzzkill)

OPI Barefoot In Barcelona

OPI I Vant To Be A Lonestar

....and without further ado, here is tonight's manicure via iPhone3 (the crappy one without a flash)

This is OPI Play The Peonies and ESSIE Set In Stones on my ring finger.  Swear to God, I get more comments on my wedding ring when I wear sparkly silver glitter on that nail.

Wow, this was truly boring.  Sorry folks.  I dedicate this post to Colin Mayr, because I doubt it he made it this far.