Sunday, November 20, 2011

Overused word of the day.....


I've come to hate the word. If you're truly obsessed with something, it's all you think about. So how is it then that so many people are "obsessed" with fifteen things at a time?!

This little obsession with being obsessed seems to have found increased popularity with the cool new website Pinterest (omg I'm obsessed with it). Have you tried it? It's a delightful site where people post things that catch their attention as if to a bulletin board; fashion, home decor/crafts and really delicious recipes seem to be the most "repinned" items. All that greatness aside, people will post a picture (or five) of boots and on every one of them say "OMG I'm obsessed with boots right now."  But we shant blame Pinterest for this.... the problem started long before.  Rachel Zoe definitely contributed.

Here's a tidbit for you: the key to being interesting, whether in conversation or in writing, is variance.  There are so many ways to convey your thoughts, opinions or stories without being so repetetive.  Oh hey, look at this cool guide (ironically found on Pinterest).

"Express yourself."   -Madonna



  1. Oh, but you know what I'm not obsessed with? How IT WON'T LET ME UNSUBSCRIBE FROM CRAP. I'm obsessed with not being obsessed about that.