Wednesday, November 16, 2011

That's right.

Yes, I AM back to blogging.  I've been desperate to get back here lately.  I miss you, internetz!

I know some people have real purpose to their blogs (which is maybe why they write more than semi-annually?) but I'm kind of a special snowflake of a person and therefore a special snowflake of a blog!  You're not getting housey stuff, or recipe stuff, or family stuff.... This isn't one of those (weird) blogs where people post pictures of every outfit they wear (and you should be thankful because I'm wearing flannel and a sweatshirt right now....and a scrunchie in my hair (yes I said scrunchie)). 

Here's the latest:
  1. I love being a hairstylist! My job is great, but a little surprising....
  2. We're still renting a place we really like in NE Mpls, but we're considering the "great" world of home ownership
  3. Praise little baby Jesus my husband got a promotion! Going back to school at 27 cost a lot of money and put a lot of our dreams on hold (see #2, 4), so this really really needed to happen for us to move forward and get on track (and my career seems to be a slow-to-grow kind of gig)
  4. The baby train is en route our direction, but just ask Erin about how fast trains go.... not sure if we'll decide to board the train or get ourselves into a house first
  5. I really need a new computer and kinda want a Mac, though I've never had an Apple computer before - anyone have some advice?
  6. I'd never read them before but I finished ALL seven Harry Potter books in like two months!  And I LOVE THEM

OK, super good story.  More bloggery to come, I promise, so keep checking back.



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  2. Oh hay! Welcome back to blogland!
    Trains do go slow, but I bet your train will move faster than mine (and I'm totally okay with that!)

    ps- the Rohnes need haircuts and will probably come and see you soon!

  3. I love love love my mac! Very easy to use, and if you're having separation anxiety from Windows, cold turkey isn't the only way to switch. You can partition the hard drive and run both operating systems. All it takes is a quick restart to switch between the two whenever you like!

  4. Oh hai indeed! I'm so glad you're back! That is all. :) And there are 2 houses on my street (next to Karla & Mike) you and Brian should move into - can you imagine the fun we'd all have? xoxo