Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Words blah blah words blah.

If you couldn't tell from the heading of this post, there isn't really a true purpose to this train of thought.  And this train is prone to stalling mid-journey.  So watch yourself.

Maybe this should be another bullet point post!  I really love bullet points.  I'm obsessed with them.  They're all I think about.

1.  My husband is leaving me for Thanksgiving.  He has the week off and is heading to see his folks because it's the nice thing to do.  They're coming up here for Christmas anyway, so it's a fair trade, but I have to stay here and work tonight until 9pm and Friday at 9am, so no trip for me.  I'll head to my cousin's solo, which will still be fun. But..... this coupled with the fact that I've stopped wearing my ring to work (it cuts open my gloves when I color), and that Brian will go back down to Madison for his extended family Christmas alone will certainly make folks wonder about our marriage. Ha!

2.  I'm super pumped about our NYE plans (sorry Melinda - avert your eyes!). We met our new friends Kelsey & Joel last fall when they moved in downstairs in our duplex.  Being the SUPER extroverted people they are (they're like puppies!), they just knocked on the door and asked if we wanted to hang out and we've been friends since!  Well, K&J decided to scope out a rental cabin with a hot tub in Stevens Point, WI, so the four of us along with their friends Tim & Kendra will head out there for the weekend! It's going to be so fun!!!  They all love to cook, and we're getting there, so we're planning to do some seriously delicious meals, and some serious drinking.  So no babies until 2012 ;-)

3.  It's nearly official that I'll be getting myself a sweet Macbook Pro for Christmas this year!  HOORAY!!!!  I expect personal tutoring sessions (Erin).  I haven't purchased a computer EVER, so this is big news.  Any advice for the buying process? And I plan to buy at Best Buy - is that kosher??

4.  I'm trying SO HARD to reach my next level through work, but it's been majorly frustrating!  Basically, they track how many people I have booked with me each week that asked to see me - we call them request clients.  I'm working toward 25 a week and need to have 25 or more for 6 weeks in any 8 week period.  I was SO CLOSE this past weekend.  I booked in early and late on Saturday, and would have been willing to work over my lunch....BUT some lady cancelled last minute on Saturday and came in on Monday instead.  She let slip that it was because she wanted to sleep in..... great.  So if you have anyone in the area that needs a new hairdresser (I take men women and kids too!), send them my way please!

Alright, it's come to the end of our show.  Sorry for the super random tangeants... think of it as buffet-style!  I hope that you're out there reading this, and enjoying my overdue return to the keyboard. 


P.S. Any ideas for things I should write about?


  1. 1. I am SUPER JEALZ of your new years plans. Seriously, so so so SO JEALOUS.
    2. I'm so glad you're joining the ranks of the Mac snobs! I will definitely help you adjust. Have you looked into refurbished macs on They're less expensive and as good as new. Oh, and I would recommend buying apple care. Is your Mac going to be in your Christmas photo next year???

  2. I thought we agreed you were going to break up with your friends. You have too many friends.

  3. Us going to family events alone, you not wearing your ring, you didn't even mention the time I spend with my mistress (the glowing green lighted one)...

  4. You can write about how styles, fashion, beauty, etc have changed since 60's or 70's till now!

  5. I agree with Erin, buy applecare. I had geek squad black tie protection and my problem (blown speaker) was apparently a software problem. Dislike geek squad!