Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baby steps....


We enjoyed a pre-Easter Easter Brunch this morning after church with the family and got some great time with our favorite nephew Luke. As of yesterday, this cool dude is 1 year and 3 months old. Now lil' P (short for Peanut!) is a smart cookie. And unbelievably adorable. But as much as he loves to move and shake, scoot and play, he just hasn't yet mastered walking. Why walk when one can be carried? Mom's arms are getting tired, lil' dude!!!

GENIUS. Youngest IT manager ever. (photo not in India, FYI)

So we gave it a concentrated effort today, getting some steps in with all his fans watching in anticipation. It's so much fun to watch and even more fun to get in on the action. I'd grab him, face him towards mom or dad (his favorite people in the whole world) and put my arms out like bumpers at a bowling alley. He'd get himself balanced on his feet, clap for himself and lurch forward, sometimes with his feet first.... other times just leaning forward (the face-plant method is less successful). I can imagine his difficulty trying to balance being that he's so TALL these days - those 10 month olds have a much lower center of gravity - but he enjoys the process.

My favorite part of the whole process was... well TWO favorites. First was the fact that he started every attempt with a round of applause for himself. Self-affirmation is a very good way to take on a new endeavor! And it's frickin' cute. Claps and a smile before starting off in his new direction. Have you tried this method lately?

My second favorite was bonding with my lil' pal. He doesn't exactly recognize me at first sight, and I know that. So instead, I slowly try to engage with him. Walking into a household for one of our family gatherings, you're immediately struck by loud voices and conversations. He gets overwhelmed and clings to mom and dad. So rather than get all up in his business and offend his delicate sensibilities (like some unnamed family members), I start to talk to him quietly, let him stare at me a bit while he figures me out and slowly start to play with him after he's warmed up a bit. And that's when the fun starts!

As time passes, I know his recognition and engagement will only get better and better.... but I so enjoy every morsel of love, affection and happiness he shares with me at this point in his development because I feel like I'm earning it. Not to say that I won't enjoy the day that he sees me walk in the door and runs over to give me a big bear hug..... Man, it's gonna be fun to watch Luke grow!!!

Kid tested. Luke approved.


  1. Photo not in India! HAHAHAHAH!

    He is super cute. I love them doopa doos.

  2. I want to steal him. I just might.
    K. Blombessie