Friday, April 10, 2009

I rock.

Would you take a look at this? I mean, granted some credit can be given to Dan, Candy and GOD, but the makeup.... all me, baby. And can you believe how gorgeous she is???

Doing makeup for weddings is on the top of my list of things that make me happy. There's nothing greater than making a bride feel AMAZING on her wedding day. And when I step away and watch them look at themselves in a mirror, that's one of my favorite moments. Or when they turn to their mother, best friends, etc. and they all bask in her glow and rave about her beauty, I know I've made it happen for that bride. One of the UTMOST important thing about any woman's wedding day is that she feel stunning, radiant and gorgeous.

My process for preparing for the day always involves finding out more about the bride's usual makeup, what she wants to accentuate, her trouble spots, and a photo helps too. Every woman who wears makeup has their "it" things, whether it be flawless looking, non-oily skin, lots of bronzer, mascara mascara mascara, beautifully blushed cheeks or a pension for heavy eyeliner. Taking those into consideration immediately puts her at ease to know someone is going to give the same time and attention to those as she would for a special occasion.

I literally study these things and the photo(s) before the big day. I try to determine bone structure, how to best accentuate the eyes, skin tones and texture, eye color, etc. When asking for photos, I always ask for a picture that she feels she looks gorgeous in. That helps me to determine how she wants to look in photos. If she's 50lbs thinner in the picture, I'll be sure to contour her better. If she's got a nice glowing summer tan, I'm looking for where her face tans.

The point of all this? I love to do wedding day makeup and I'm fucking awesome at it. That's my point.

(But secretly, it still intimidates me just a little!)


  1. She is gorgeous!
    You do great work. It's all voodoo magic to me. You go in the other room some mornings and mere moments later look like a movie star.

    Voodoo magic I tell you.

  2. Are you telling me I start out ugly?? :-(

    And let's not lie, I do my makeup in the living room.

  3. Wow - I feel like a celeb here! Thanks for the compliments dear! And more than that, thank you for making me look and FEEL beautiful on my wedding day! You DO rock at makeup, that's no lie. Not only was my day of makeup flawless and lasting, but you went above and beyond starting from the fun trial to taking me to MAC to get all the colors that matched my skin just right. You have found your true calling my dear and your passion for making women feel great about themselves shows through in your work. I mean come on, anyone can just look at your own makeup day in and day out and be impressed! :) Love you!!!
    the bride from above - aka Kate Blombessie

  4. If you weren't a little bit intimidated by it, then you wouldn't be fucking awesome at it. How's that for some thought-provoking philosophy on a dreary Monday? :)

    Seriously, the best artists I know (musicians, mostly) ALL get a little nervous and ALL have a very sincere sense of their place in the order of things. As in, "I know I'm good but it's all much bigger than me and I'm merely priviliged to be given the talents to be here". Tis good to have that perspective. They all also work their asses off to ensure they give their best all the time.

    And, yes, Kate looks gorge in her pictures. Brava, diva!

  5. I'm loving all these makeup tips on your blog. I wish we wouldn't have had to cancel our TTD photos. I was so excited for you to do my makeup. We haven't rescheduled the TTD photos yet but if we do your definitely the first person I'll call. Kate looks gorgeous in this photo. Karla