Sunday, May 3, 2009

Don't Forget -- Sunday Secrets 5-3

This week's secrets are up!

Because I routinely forget, I post weekly reminders about Post Secret's "Sunday Secrets" remind YOU to check them out!

If you haven't seen it before POST SECRET is an art project - turned blog, book, and travelling art show - to which people send postcards with anonymous "secrets" written on them. (ALSO -- they post extra items on their Twitter page, so be sure to follow them there!)

I love Post Secret as it routinely makes me forget about my own problems, or makes me feel like I'm not the only one.... I'm not the only one with flaws, regrets, doubts, fears, or various idiosyncrasies or oddities. Different postcards help me reflect on different moments in my life and bring me momentary peace and "in-tunedness" with the world.... maybe it'll bring you the same.


This one is because I secrely hope this was submitted by my friend Andrea.
Cuz' that would be awesome.

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  1. How did you find my postcard?!?!?!