Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Lovin'

For years, Erin and I have discussed making a list of "to dos" for the summer months. This year, we've decided to actually buckle down and do it. Here are some ten thoughts I just came up with:

1. Get a sweet tan, and some super sexy tan lines to match

2. Bar hop - high on the list are those with great patios: Stella's, Cowboy Slims, Brit's, Psycho Suzi's, Solera, Billy's..... Drink Uptown if I'm desperate ;-)

3. Attend a BBQ

4. Go to a beach in town - feel sand between my toes.

5. Bike

6. Walk

7. Grill food

8. A trip to the cabin with my fantabulous cousins

9. Have a sleepover with girlfriends

10. Go hiking with my hubby. I love being outdoors but have a hard time getting myself out the door..... I hope to change that this year!


  1. remember, we bbq every wednesday all summer, and you are more than welcome to attend any/all of them! and I will bike with you anytime, except I require my biking buddies to wear helmets so be prepared ;)

    I hope you are never so desperate that you have to go to the drink. that would be a sad day indeed.

  2. Chris and Lisa and their neighbors(?) are doing a NE Mpls crawl on the 20th. I'm thinking if things keep going the way they are, I might be required to go and drink my face off...

  3. Try the Pedal Pub in Nordeast (hit psycho suzies, amont others, along the way). We do this every year for my hubby's b-day. A BLAST!