Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Consider me orientated.

Yes, I know that's incorrect.

Went to orientation yesterday to get me orientamated. Woo hoo. I was super anxious before getting there and then I realized it was just a boring school orientation :-)

Here's the breakdown:
- Check-in
- Pay kit fee (sadly, we didn't get the kits)
- Awkwardly look for seat
- Introduce self to girl sitting next to me
- ....and her mother... ? Oh, she's 18, got it
- Look around room
- Judge people (see below)
- Watch DVD about Aveda
- Play getting to know you game (see below)
- Listen to admissions lady talk about policies, dress code, blah blah blah
- Take ID picture (good thing I look decent)
- Done more than 1.5 hours before it's supposed to "end" (nice scheduling, folks)

First, I'd like to address the "getting to know you game." You've all played it before. It's a piece of paper that has a grid with boxes in which are phrases like "Has been to Europe" and "Has never broken a bone." You go around to see who's name you can fit in the boxes. Except they made theirs into a bingo, and made it a competition.... so it was done in like 2 minutes, if that. Wow, because I really got to know so many people (the three at my table and three-four others) during that process.


Secondly, the people..... the judging... You could feel the eyes glaring around the room giving each other the once-over. I like to think that when I do such things, pan across a group and judge people, at least I look fairly pleasant and normal doing so. Not so for Ms. Stink Eye over there.... couple that with the overdramatic hair toss and I'm practically laughing aloud at the ridiculousness. And the hairstyles... my my, the hairstyles....

To be honest, the judgmental behavior is a bit of my concern for my new career. While I'm a self-declared amiable person, I wonder what it'll be like to be surrounded on a daily basis by vanity and cattiness. Will I constantly have to endure characters straight out of "The Plastics?"

OK, I'm thinking too hard about this post.... ciao for now!


  1. My friend at Aveda says that his class is very catty and they all kind of formed their own groupies pretty quickly. No worries, you will do awesome at that school! :)

  2. Everyone loves you. I'm sure in a week you will rule the school. Or I can come over and push one of them in front of a bus as a warning. Either way.

  3. OMG, I seriously love you - "overdramatic hair toss"? Fabulous.

    I get the snotty once-overs daily from little freshmen while riding on the shuttle bus from the SCSU commuter lots to campus. I like to stare right back at them until they're uncomfortable, but inside I'm all "duuuuuude, I am so glad I'm not so uncomfortable in my own skin that I have to glare at strangers to feel better about myself".

  4. Welcome to Aveda. 2500 hours of catty, cliquey, hair tossing women, fighting it out for the instructors good graces (best client tickets!) and for the "look". I can't believe (or maybe I do believe) that they still do that same getting to know you game. Ugh. I forgot about it until you mentioned it.

    Sadly, the cosmo industry is filled with all sorts of people, but especially the plastics. Just be true to yourself and you'll be fine. It's more of an issue with the 18-20 year olds, but the more mature people in my class seemed to do very well and have little drama.