Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's a good day.

My hubby is 36 today!

He doesn't look it at all - no grays, bright eyes, youthful disposition, video games... - but his wisdom gives him away. I mean, he'll initially talk gaming geekery, college football and beer, indicating that perhaps he is a twenty-something, but get him drunk and he talks metaphysics, spirtituality, religion and existentialism. (Note that he'll talk about those when sober, too, it's just a bit of an outpouring when he's in his cups...)

I'm sure I don't really NEED to tell all of you, but I feel like it anyway.... I love this man. From the big beautiful brown eyes and long eyelashes (that I know he'll give to our babies someday), to the little curl in his widow's peak, to the tips of his toes, I love him. It's funny - a few years back he got his "birth certificate" (the souvenier version the hospital gives you) from his mom and hit had his lil' baby footprints on it..... SO CUTE! His tiny feet looked exactly the same (but mini!) as his feet do now :-)

But, there's a lot more to love than just his pretty face and baby feet.... He's a wonderful husband, a good friend and a great person. The rest, I'll save for him!

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