Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanks, Life!

So I was just bitching the other day about how hard I'm working at my job to try to get to my next step..... Well, guess what kids? I made it!! They gave me the good gnus Monday and I'm totes excited.

It's not a price increase yet (they don't do that until you hit the fourth level) but rather a commission percentage increase to the third level. This means I get an extra 5% of what the client is charged. Example:

1. Client pays $110 for cut color (not an actual price quote btw).
2. Salon takes out product charge for cost of color, styling products, electricity, other overhead of $10.
3. Salon & stylist each take their percentage of the remaining $100. I'm now at 50% which would mean I make $50 out of the $110.

Are you perchance surprised to know that a stylist doesn't take home the amount you pay? I get looks of shock every time I tell someone that I get $9.90 (before taxes) from my $27 women's haircuts. Well... now I'll get a whopping $11! Yay!!! (Important note: we get every dime of our tips, so no need to worry that The Man is taking part of those.)

So anyway, thanks to those of you that come to see me, whether yearly or monthly, and for sending in family and friends my way! I'm so grateful for the support and hope y'all have enjoyed your cuts / colors :-)


P.S. First time posting a photo through my iPhone blogger app.... Hope it looks ok!

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  1. Congratulations my dear! So proud of you! You've worked so hard and have earned it! Can't wait to come see you when I need my next color. Again, yay you!