Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hey, turns out you're reading this!

Not sure who you are, though. Just saw on my google analytics that you're here -- some directly, some from emailing links in gmail, some from who knows where. But the good part is that you're here.

A few things:
1. I saw the Green Durango in it's usual parking spot a few weeks ago..... I shook my head.
2. School starts six weeks from yesterday and I'm freaking a bit. Trying to get loans and such in order while also maintaining some sanity.
3. My birthday is Friday and... well... I just don't feel it. This week is a bit stressful, after all. But still.... sad face at you, 27 :-(
4. The combination of financial anxiety before school and my birthday makes for a hard choice between practicality and frivolity. I try to strike a balance, but it's harrrrrrrrd. Especially considering I've been searcing websites and picking out things I love but can't have. Namely house decor and the like. Sighhhh.

OK, I'm about to crash sitting here in the recliner. Ta ta, lovely friends!


  1. OK, I'll delurk!
    I found you through The Knot message boards. You had me hooked as soon as I saw the photo of your husband wearing the beer case, as I have an almost identical one of my fiance doing the same thing.

  2. i ain't too proud to stalk. stop freaking about 27. it can't possible be as bad as my 27th year was. also, happy birthday!

  3. damn. wrong account and i can't delete and redo.

  4. No worries. And actually age 27 = the 28th year. And I suppose I'm not really freaking about the age, more about various other craziness in my life. Le sigh!