Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hmmm.... which is best?

So here's a question only you fine folks can help me answer....

When I'm in school, after I've completed the "alpha phase" (first 16 weeks), we have the option of going to the second shift, meaning M-F from 12noon to 9pm. This would be instead of the Tu-Sat 8:30 to 5pm "standard" schedule. I honestly don't know which one I'm leaning towards....

Initially, I'm tempted to say the second shift: I'd have my Saturdays free! But the thought of losing ALL my weeknights is a bit displeasing.... and honestly, would I really get ANYTHING done between waking and starting school at noon? Unless you call getting up at 9:30am, surfing the internet, watching "10 Years Younger" on TLC and putting on makeup for a good hour "getting something done." My guess is no.

The other part to this pros v cons conundrum is a big motivator: TIPS. When you're a student at Aveda and performing services on client on the floor, you don't get any part of the flat cost, but the tips are allll yours to keep... !! That means I'm making money while in school..... to pay off my student loans of course ;-) Seriously though, do you think I'd be more successful with 5 weekday evenings, or 4 weekdays and a FULL Saturday? My inkling is toward the former, but perhaps I underestimate the power of a weekday.

Thoughts of the two options swirl around my head.

While I'm tempted by the 12-9 M-F, I honestly feel the original schedule is the better choice. It offers me weeknights (to spend time with my hubs, part time job, etc.), gets me out of bed to have a full and effective day, allows me to keep my Friday evenings, still gives me Saturday evenings and Sundays, AND I'll get full Mondays with which I may do whatever I please (exciting things like doctor/dentist appts and trips to the DMV! Hooray!).

What do you think sounds like the better option? Share your thoughts with the group?


  1. I think you stick to the standard schedule (8-5:30, blah blah). Reason being... every time I have been at the institute on a Saturday it has been PACKED. Also, like you, I doubt I would really get anything done in the mornings if I didn't have to be to work until Noon. Just sayin'

  2. I also vote for standard, but my reason is not as altruistic as one might think.... I am going to start coming in there for appointments and I'd do it in between dropping the kiddo off at kindergarten in Mpls and picking him up. So then I'd get to see you! :)

  3. I also vote the original schedule. As shitty as it is to work on Saturdays, it's realllllly nice to be able to go to Target when half the world isn't there. I miss my random weekdays off. Ahh, alone time.

  4. i'd personally prefer the 12 -9... won't more people be able to make it in for cuts/colors/etc during the evenings and not just saturdays?

    plus, saturdays, not all but whatever you want, could be reserved for straight cash homey makeup gigs...

  5. Original recipe, yo. You can't even comprehend the number of people who don't have "traditional" schedules and don't work during the day. Sometimes I think, "don't you people have fucking JOBS" and other times, "how can I be like you - not working AND still having money to spend". I know the latter is a big assumption but, hell, why not, right?

    Also, the time with Bri can't be underestimated. I think you'd find yourself really missing him more than you might think. And you really don't want him having that much alone time on his hands. Who knows what could happen?!?!

  6. I don't really remember the tips being that great at Aveda. But it wasn't like you had many clients in the first place. When you are in haircutting, you get maybe one a day. Once you are in cut and color, you get maybe two. And it doesn't really get much better than that, until you are about to graduate, then when you are on the floor all day long, you might get 5.

    Saturdays are fun at Aveda... but working every single saturday sucked. And as much as saturdays are fun, they are a madhouse zoo. Cattle call zoo.

    I think I'd almost vote for the odd hours second shift.