Thursday, September 17, 2009


I'm here at the MSP airport typey typing on my Blackberry. I don't usually utilize my phone like this because... I'm not sure why not. I think it costs me everytime I use the interwebz, and I pay a bajilliondy dollars to begin with, but hey I'd pay as much or more for an Us Weekly, so there.

If you're unawares, I'm heading off for a long-overdue trip to Chicago to visit friends Kelly and Dana. I've only been "hoping" to visit since we parted ways from Drake 7 years ago... Well, they moved to Chicago post-grad in 05.

So anyway, I've sadly never been to Chicago. I'm a bit of a homebody, if you didn't know, and haven't done nearly enough adventuring. I hate the assumptions people make about those who are not well-traveled.... Like I'm some kind of Midwestern country bumpkin. Hrmphf. I've been to Europe, bitches, leave me alone! (Granted I was 17 and had my entire trip planned out for me...)

Anywhodiddles, I best be finishing my cold press so I can mosey to my terminal.

:::looks at clock:::

I have 50 minutes before scheduled departure. Perhaps you'll see a second Post in a bit...

OK byeeeee


  1. Have fun! We visited Chicago this summer and up until then I thought Denver had a pretty good sized downtown. Chicago made me feel like we live in Cowpoke, Colorado. Anyway, the art is fantastic there! There's so many things to see :)

  2. I love chicago... We go at least once a year to visit my friend and Jas's grandma. And I love Lincoln Park too - that is where my friend lives. Lots of boutique stores on Clark street there. :) Have fuuuuun!!!