Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why hello again, 18. And hey there, 27.

My skin is breaking out like MAD this past week!!! Horomones are apparently fluctuating, and I think I'm wearing my fair food on my face.... :-/ BOO! It's definitely a hinderance on my birthday week joy. I feel like a slimey greaseball and I HATE that feeling. Add that on to the warmer temps and lack of A/C at home and suddenly I'm a sweaty slimey greaseball. Yay me.

So, I've been debating what kind of present I might want from my hubby. Essentially, since we're getting tight on funds before school and since we share all funds he just asks what I want and gets it for me! I'm 50% "yay present!" and 50% "ehh that money could be better utilized..."

This is what I was touching on last post when I said that I'm caught between practicality and frivolity.... do I get something practical like comfy nice black close-toed shoes that I'll wear daily for school? Or something more fun like the home decor items that I'd picked out from Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware? OR, I could go entirely practical and tell him to transfer $100 to savings and skip the gift stuff altogether.

What might these two things have to do with one another? I ventured to Sephora tonight in the hopes of utilizing my 10% off Beauty Insider VIB coupon, spending my $20 giftcard (thanks to the Rohnes) and finding some sort of skin product that would make me feel fab. Well, wouldn't you know there was an Esthetician from MD Skincare right there in the store :-) I walked away with this cleanser and this peel system thanks to my lovely husband and his birthday gift to me -- shopping :-)

Wish me luck! I'll let you know how it goes!!

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  1. Is the peel system the Alpha Beta daily face peel? (Link is broken) If so, it is COMPLETELY awesome. It has definitely made a difference for me.