Monday, December 26, 2011

Obligatory Christmas Post.

Christmas happened, and now it's over. And I'm kinda... sorta... glad. I've busted my arse for work, hosted inlaws, attended two separate Christmas gatherings and churched it up. I can't tell you how good it feels to hang out on the couch with my husband and not do a thing! (Well, we're watching LOTR, so that counts as something!) 

All dramatics aside, we had a great Christmas. Lots of family, lots of fun and a moving and beautiful church service (summary below). Here are some pictures, all from my iPhone (the old kind), and all but one at my Uncle Russ' farm in Lonsdale, MN.  Rest in peace, Russ.

Basilica of St Mary, Minneapolis - a gorgeous midnight Mass!!  It started with the choir singing our engagement song and wedding processional, Ave Maria (Franz Biebl), which made us both tear up.  The church started dark but all in attendance held a candle and shared the light with those surrounding.  But the combination of the choir, the organ and the brass was what truly lit the cavernous church. Father Bauer spoke saying something along the lines of "Whatever brings you here, whether it's tradition, personal need, curiousity or just to appease a family member WELCOME HOME." 
The Farm - Lonsdale, MN

This statue of Mary holding a rosary has been there for decades.  It's both adorable (she's in a little house!) and meaningful, and what a flashback it was to visit her.

We all abandoned the bonfire to enjoy the gorgeous sunset -- a 45 degree day in Minnesota on Christmas? Lovely.


  1. Your Christmas looked awesome. And thanks for sharing your in-laws with us. As always, they are delightful to have around. And you and Brian have blessed us so greatly, not with gifts (which were thoughtful, wonderful, and perfectly wrapped), but with your love and your presence. You ROCK Princess ...'Traycina ...

  2. Hi, I bumped accidentally into your blog and couldn't help myself leaving a comment. The pictures are just beautiful (especially the one with the statue of Mary). Wish I had a house in a place like this :]