Thursday, December 29, 2011

Say hello to my lil' frien.


Oh hey! I wrote a blog post and it disappeared.


So, what's new with you?

To the point.  I have a list on my right menu of blogs that I follow.  Most of them are people I know, one of them is ridiculously awesome, and it happens to be the one on the very bottom that last updated TWO YEARS AGO.  I am Lemish.... well, SHE is Lemish, and she is my favorite!

Lemish is a bff that I met a few years ago in a really dorky way.  Let's skip that.  She is one of my favorite people on Earth, and I demand you read her hilarious insanity and encourage her to return to the internetz.  I shouldn't even say that as if she's left because she's RIGHT THERE.  Every day.  Hi Lemish.  Wave to the nice people.  I know you're watching. 

Lemish posted this to me a few weeks back regarding my own blogging:
"So eventually there will be dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour, right? Replace the first dinosaur with blog posts, and the second dinosaur with blog. Oh, and get rid of tour. Also, dinosaurs."

Here's where you should start: this post about funny stuff.  Or this post about Jesus and dinosaurs and other stuff. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Lemish


  1. 1. I am so glad Traycina is back in the blogging world.
    2. I would like to pretty pretty please ask Lemish to come back as well! You were my daily dose of laughter (aside from Traycina, of course) and I'd like that back! :)


  2. I did not know of this Lemish until about 10 minutes ago..and now I'm hooked like an addict! You crazy, girl and I love it! Keep blogging!
    P.S. Hiii Katrina :)