Thursday, December 29, 2011

What are you doing New Years

This is exactly what I want for the end/start of a year!  Woop woop!!!  Oh wait... no thanks.

We had originally planned on heading to Stevens Point, WI to a cabin with friends Joel & Kelsey for a fun filled weekend of hot tubbing, good food, lots of funny moments and our fair share of alcoholic beverages.  But now we're not.


Because of our need for budgeting with home-buying on the horizon, we opted out of this magnificent event.  And we're totally missing out.  I hope they don't have any fun without us.

Instead, we are partaking in the repeat of one of my favorite NYE ever, the Adult Pajama Party at Kate & Tyge's.  I don't think the recreation will surpass the greatness of the first (NYE 2009) but I think it'll be pretty awesome.  The pajamas were totally my idea, btw.  Because I'm a lazy motherf*cker who loves a good pair of flannel pants.  Kate's planning a "Vices" theme with stations set up -- shots at one, sweets at another, cigars on the deck, hookers in the guest room..... could be a good time!

Possibly one of the greatest parts of this NYE is the fact that I TOOK SATURDAY OFF!!!!!  ***head explodes***

Who wants to give me a high five?  Aw, thanks Olive!


  1. Thank you for coming friend, it sure was a fun way to ring in the New Year! :) Beats a douchy club par-tay any year...

  2. Muy linda entradaa. Seguime y te sigo besos :)