Friday, March 6, 2009

Firetrucks, cupcakes and pink shoes

After posting yesterday's green Durango update, I peered out the window to find it was gone. Gone! Replaced instead by a random truck. Oh, and three fire trucks. Hope they towed your ass for parking in the fire lane. But I'm guessing Stumpy McCankles had fled the scene prior to the MFD arrival. We'll see what happens next!

I find myself VERY hungry for a bowl of buttercream this morning after Googling cupcake recipes. My latest obsession is Lavender Cupcakes thanks to an acquaintance who happens to be very good at baking; thankfully I've managed to get my hands on the recipe. But it still isn't quite right, so I'm hoping to utilize some recipes I found online for vanilla cupcakes and run with the lavender flavor. It's a very interesting, mild flavor, and ridiculously delicious. You are now also craving cupcakes, aren't you? You're welcome.

I'm excited that we're getting glimmers of spring, despite my hatred for it. It is so UGLY outside... especially this morning before the sun came out. Cars are covered in brown crust, snow banks on the roads are black from exaust, sand is on every shoulder and boulevard, brown and blahhhhness everywhere. I can't take it! To combat this effect, I've decided to whip out my pink suede loafers. They're adorable. I feel so cool in them. There's something so chic about unexpectedly colored shoes. NOT chic if you match them to your shirt/dress, however. I recently bought a pair of yellow pointy pumps and they're so cute poking out the bottoms of my jeans, like a little surprise! It makes me feel so... kicky ;-)

OK, that's all for now. Happy almost weekend!

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