Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I can barely take care of MYSELF....

I started to write a big post about Chinese Astrology whilst simultaneously discussing it with my friends.... there's SO much information and we talked about it enough that now I think I'll toss it. Maybe someday you'll hear all about my Yang Water Dogness.

Today's blog is actually more baby talk. Yep, that's right. Again.

I was super excited to be asked by my sister-in-law Kathryn to watch Luke overnight in a few weeks. I get to pick him up from daycare, hang out with him at their house, put him to sleep, get him up and ready, drop him off.... I'm really really jazzed about it! Not only do I love the lil' guy like crazy and look forward to the time together, but I get to play house :-)

<-- Luke looooves static!

If you didn't know this, Luke is the most cutest, most smartest baby around. He's just over a year (14 months -or- 61.5 weeks to be exact) and frickin adorable. This past weekend, we got to see first-hand his new sign language skills (!!!). He's signing "more" "please" "eat" and "all done." My heart melted! The melting was also partly due to his super cute plaid button-down shirt, jeans and sneakers combo. He's almost walking, but has decided he really doesn't need to yet. I'm sure once he does, he'll take off and never stop!

My baby rabies are in full swing. I can't wait for motherhood. I just feel like it's something I'm made for. I have always been fascinated by genetics and specifically reproduction, so my curiousity around pregnancy is really no surprise. What an amazing process. Think of the most amazing machines in the world, and it still doesn't compare to the fact that a woman's body can make something out of seemingly nothing. Unbelievable. Did you know that the placenta is the only organ that we GROW in our lifespan?

Last week, my supervisor brought in her 1-month old to the office. She was able to leave him hear and bop over to a few medical appointments, conveniently located in the building next door. We LOVED having the time with lil Peyton while she was gone! I was absolutely thrilled. He slept on my shoulder, curled in a little ball and just snuggled right in. He was having some trouble eating, but his fussing didn't bother me a bit. Eventually we figured it out and he was happy and content once again :-) It was so wonderful to be with him -- I just get so much happiness from spending time with little ones, especially teeny newborns. They appreciate how snuggly I am!

I guess my point in all this is three-fold. 1) I'm surrounded by babies and pregnant people and I love it. 2) I'm damn good at it all. 3) I'm ready.

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