Wednesday, March 11, 2009

These two do NOT know sign language.


two of my all-time favorite kitty pics

Olive and Cherry, while being little shits sometimes, sure are sweethearts. They've been very energized by the new food we started about a month or so ago. Both are more playful as a result, which is so great! Olive is my little buddy every time I sit down on the couch. We call her armrest cat, because she is at my left side within minutes of me sitting down. Sometimes she'll sit right next to me, perching her body on my leg and nuzzle into the crook of my arm. I die a little, it's so cute!

I'm extra lovey dovey towards them lately, even investing in a FURminator and brushing them like mad. Via brushing, Olive birthed a litter of kittens the other day. Or so it appeared. The hair just. kept. coming. out! Cherry's been a bit more difficult, as she's a bit skiddish about grooming (due to her "dingleberry" problems), but I get a few strokes in here and there. Her fur is SO FINE and yet there's SO MUCH. It's so fine that individually, the strands are nearly invisible. It sticks to your hand due to static and literally feels like cobbwebs! You can't imagine the issues it causes when those get in your eyes and eyelashes.

We visited PetSmart to pick up the FURminator the other day and as a rule we ALWAYS visit the kitties up for adoption. I wish I wish I wish I could take out every one of them and snuggle them like I do my own kitties. There were some real sweethearts there, but none as wonderful as Morris, the 1-year old orange tabby. He just sat up, so alert, just waiting for us to come towards his crate.... and when we finally got to his (the last) we both felt the yank on our heart strings. He was so... so.... SOOOO cute. Fuzzy and orange, alert, bright-eyed, playful, sweet, trusting - you could see all those traits in an instant.

It broke my heart to leave Mr. Morris there. I think all those sweet lil kitties deserve a warm, soft place to sleep, a hand to reach out and pet them, maybe scratch behind the ears and rub under the chin a bit, and to be told "I love you!" at some point in their lives.....

And on that note, I can't wait to see my furblobs when I get home :-)


  1. I love your kitties. and my kitties. and I'm sure I would have loved Morris as well! everyone should have a kitty buddy to mrow when they come home and to snuggle up to at night and to just be cute and lovey (and naughty) and wonderful.

  2. Your blog keeps trying to take me to some robots page or something. I don't know what that means but if you are trying to sell robots I will totally buy one. I want one that makes food in it's belly and will open the little door to it's stomach to serve me. That would make me happy. I would also like a robot that could transform into a scooter in case I ever got tired in my house and wanted to ride around on him. Also, I once saw a movie about a grandma robot and she dispensed milk out of her fingertips. That would be alright too. Thank you.

  3. Hmmmm.... that's really.... interesting. And where does this robot sighting take place exactly?