Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Unfortunate discovery. And a HAPPY THOUGHT!

My stories aren't very good! I'm pretty okay with talking about thoughts, opinions, philosphies, experiences, etc... but when it comes to stories, none can compare to the crazy, deranged tales of Miss Melinda (my evil twin). I suppose I'm okay with that, though. I mean, some of us entertain via reality, while others require excessive embellishment and far-out exaggerations (like a soap opera or telemundo).

It is a bit pathetic that my most entertaining story details my feelings and actions against a violator of simple parking law..... but the interest in this tale has been surprising! Apparently people enjoy boring tales of vigil ante justice :-)

Meanwhile, I've been dreaming of pool time. With the warm weather approaching and thoughts of tanning (for Kate's wedding next week), I've been very jazzed about spending some good, quality time by the pool this summer with some of my favorite people:

- Erin will be done with her L2 year of law school (and will probably appear at my doorstep drunk after her last final in a swimsuit) and needing some SUNSHINE. Ali will be with her.
- Kate will be an old married lady with FINALLY some more time on her hands to spend with ME
- Angie's finally a MN resident again
- Micaela and I will be hanging out three days a week with softball Tues & Thurs
- Melinda will come despite the vegitation in her drink last year (it's just MINT, sheesh)
- Andrea will take a break from her hip, fun life living in uptown and being a comedianne
- Ana will find a break from earning all that Pharmacist $$$ between weird shift rotations at the hospital and casual work in Winona
- Bridgett will hopefully come (with or without baby Harper)
- And maybe, JUST MAYBE, Tom & Kathryn will bring Luke over for some fun in the sun.... or drop him with grandma Lois and go nuts ;-)
- Oh, don't forget about "gay or European?" and his 'girlfriend' "Tits on a Stick"

GOODNESS, this is going to be a busy summer! Thank God I have such fabulous people in my life to share it with. Mark your calendars, clean out your coolers and go buy yourself some new flip flops!

Now.... I'm gonna start work on an iPod poolside mix ;-) I'm thinking some oldies, some pop tunes, some fun country.... AHHHHH, it'll be great!


  1. I'm not sure, but I think you might be trying to insult me. The crazy and deranged comments I will take as compliments, but I take issue with the "excessive embellishment" and "far-out exaggerations." I use limited, IF ANY, embellishments and my exaggerations are always tasteful and artistic! And everyone loves Telemundo! Don't judge me!

    I will forgive you, because otherwise I will not be invited to your pool and will have to stand outside, holding my Hello Kitty towel, and looking through the bars at you guys all chewing your drinks. That would be sad.

  2. Ohhhhh Lemish, how I love you ;-)


    Yeah pool time, when the hubby gets calls while watching American LeMans racing and downing beers, "We need another pitcher of drinks down here, love you".

    This time, I'll make some sans mint just for you Melinda.

    Ah yeah, going to be fun... two beers fit perfectly in those big plastic cups.

  4. I'm down with all of it including the salad in my drink but I'm not coming if there's country in the mix. My son will not be a country fan! :)

  5. Oh, and I belive that's MY creation that you're drinking and sans mint is strictly verboten.

  6. Oh fine, you made it up. But did you come up with the name BLO-JITO?? No... you didn't.

    Also, I'll be debuting the newest drink, the Poolside Screw for all of your drinking pleasure!

  7. I hope "Gay or European" got a new Speedo this year.

  8. I hope "Gay or European" got a yellow speedo to match "Tits on a stick". Then I can call him banana hammock!

    Side note: I heart salads in my drink. It's the only solid food I plan on eating this summer!