Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pressure is on!

Let me preface by saying that I am so not very funny on my blog. I tried funny, but I became so overwhelmed at the thought of having to "perform" here that I just ultimately stopped posting. Once I took a deep breath and realized that it's MY blog and I can write whateverIwantsodontjudgeme, it lifted the burden!

Also, I'm way funnier in person. It involves a lot of jazz hands, weird facial expressions and strange voices. Here I'm just.... words. :-/

My heart skipped a bit of a beat when my blog was publicly outted by my fab wedding florist, Jackie (LOVE HER! Just Bloomed) over on her lovely flowery blog (love the idea of a florist's blog! Who doesn't love to look at beautiful flowers??). OMG she said my blog was funny and then LINKED it. So, a slightly awkward helloooooo to anyone who's come here from there thinking "who is this WEIRDO??"

In all seriousity, I really think that Jackie is phenomenal at what she does. I love flowers and I love pretty wedding bouquets, but it's a really really difficult thing to arrange flowers WELL. She is so creative, coming up with superb bouquets in both a modern style and a romantic style. Two favorites:

See? Beautiful. And this is reason enough for a fabulous flower blog.

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