Monday, December 15, 2008

Blogging: A Part Time Job.

I had no idea that blogging could cause such an identity crisis. (It's almost as bad as my issues with some friends/family calling me Katrina and others calling me Katie, but we'll save that for another post that I'll type up halfway and likely never publish.)

A few friends have just recently unveiled new blogs of their own, causing me some blog insecurities.

What am I trying to do here, exactly? Am I trying to be funny? If so, I think I just might be failing. And if not funny, then what?? What, praytell, do I have to offer that others can't? My only answers to that are 1) my amazing metaphor and philosophizing skills 2) my advice-giving /question-answering skills and 3) my tips for makeup / hair / beauty.

I suppose a combination of those things might make for some relatively entertaining posts. "Blush cures depression: it's effect on mood and overall life outlook" could be a start. Or not.

Secondly, who the hell is reading my blog? I posted about this previously, but now that I've added the link to my Facebook page (wooo, exciting), maybe there's like 2 or 3 other people that have looked. They most likely scanned, read the first few lines of something or other and continued with their Facebook stalking of other, more interesting people.

I really don't get why this has caused me such stress. I know I don't want to be one of those really really LAME blogs out there that just blathers on about... God, who the hell cares... so hopefully I can avoid that "category."

Now that I have a "blog network" (aka me and three other friends that are now blogging as well), perhaps a few people will click on my link from their pages and suddently become addicted to my good looks and great writing!

So, based on my above concluded "theme," I'm thinking I'll do some regular features: a beauty product or technique spotlight, a spouting my philosophies segment and perhaps an "answers to life's most pressing questions" here and there.

Sounds like a blog to me.



  1. It's okay - my blog has no proclaimed purpose. Why should yours? ;) As long as we vow to not have mediocre food photos or whine about suburbs ...

  2. My blog was created solely to steal your thunder. Your prolific writing has left me shamed by my own inadequacies and I have learned a valuable lesson: Thunder was not meant to be stolen. It was meant to be shared as a gift from the gods. A scary, angry gift that should cause us all to feel terror deep in our very bones.