Monday, December 15, 2008

Camera-Ready: A product spotlight

M.A.C Brush #187 - Dual Fibre Brush

Use: applying foundation, bronzer, blush, highlighter, finishing powder

I absolutely love this brush. I use it daily for foundation and if it didn't have the residue from the liquid foundation on it, I would really like to use it with my finishing powder as well. I'm considering buying a second smaller version for this purpose.

I wasn't exactly sure about it's use when I saw it in stores; there were little blurbs about what it's meant for, but I still didn't entirely understand. Sephora has this type of brush and described it in stores to "blend face products - wet or dry - into the skin for a flawless finish." But.... how exactly?

Pick up your product on the white nylon fibers and stipple (dot) on, then blend in with circular motions. You can do as little or as much coverage as you prefer.

Ahhh, perfection!



  1. Brush? I'm not supposed to use the smelly, dirty sponge thing that comes with my drugstore face powder? Huh?

  2. Not if you want to look THIS GOOD. ::::tosses hair::::