Monday, December 8, 2008

Blush, yes, but ART? Not even close.

Our girls weekend at Grand View Lodge was fabulous! We started with 8 and welcomed a 9th with the help of some circular Patron shots and a little Lamaze technique. Don't ask. We had plenty of food, booze, and a whole crapload of fun.

In the wee small hours of Sunday morning, a personal moment of bliss and brilliance occured (shear genius?). While we were going for vintage-sleepover and brushing each other's hair, the wonderfully crazy Kathryn decided to begin teasing dear Andrea's hair. From that chaos, I found a dose of clarity.

We ended up competing in a "tease off" -- while I could not compete with the "organic" and "primitive" effect that her "front-combing" technique provided, my "modern" styles did win in the structure and vision departments. It's pretty frickin' avant garde, if I do say so myself.

If a little hairspray, a brush and a few bobby pins can result in these creations, what could I do with the proper training and tools at my fingertips? My mouth waters at the prospect.

Aubrey -- Spartan soldier helmet?

Kathryn -- Roman warrior princess?


Somewhat similarly, I've been catching Lifetime's reality show BLUSH -- a makeup artist spin on the Project Runway idea. While I do believe the artists to have true talent and occasional inspiration, I find myself disappointed on a weekly basis! These people are commissioned to create art, and they perform so POORLY, it just makes me fume.

For example: one of this week's challenges was to makeover twins into a "good twin/evil twin" look. FAIL.

The only difference I see is a little extra darkish eyeshadow, some liner and some ratted hair (I wonder if the hair stylist "front combed" it). Really? That's "evil??" If I had been a contestant on the show, I would have gone a bit crazy. Here's a tip - if the theme is something dramatic like 'evil,' maybe that's a good indicator to take the concept outside the box and the eyeshadow outside the lines. Yes? Yes. My other idea was to make the "evil" twin look angelic on the outside and the "good" twin wear the dramatic makeup -- OMG, I would totally win this show.

And Andrea, if you're reading this: go buy new makeup brushes. ;-)

Peace, love and a Shu Uemura,


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