Friday, December 19, 2008

It's unfair, really.

They say like attracts like. I think I want to hold tightly to this motto and never let it go.

After completing a recent (visual) (non-formal) survey, I've discovered that I have really really ridiculously good looking friends. Oh, and they're smart, funny, talented and successful, too. I could use the term fabulous, but it really doesn't do them justice. They're stunning; they're amazing.

So.... in consideration of my new motto listed above, does this make me amazing by association? It's okay if it does. Because either I AM amazing, or my friends really aren't as smart as I may have implied to have a less-than-amazing friend like me around.

I mean it though - they truly are great people. They've accomplished great things (pharmacist, law student, new mommy, improv comedian), they look wonderful and have great style, and they are all just the most sweet, genuine, and wonderful people. The men that love them should consider themselves extremely lucky.

And to those other fortunate men out there that have yet to find their way to my incredible single friends, don't be intimidated by their beauty and fantasticalness, but also don't fuck up ;-)


1 comment:

  1. I have yet to accomplish anything worth mentioning, I am have large dry patches of skin on my face, I have gray hair and bangs I cut myself on a dare. Hopefully through the power of friendship osmosis I am able to drain some of your coolness. If it works the other way you are F-ed.