Thursday, December 4, 2008

You're gonna be popular! But not as popular as me.

Well? I'm just being honest.

WICKED!!!! Brian and I saw it last night - It lived up to all the hype and then some! I was thrilled to be there after all I'd heard, and can now safely say it's my favorite musical! Although, I must admit that at first I was really wishing I could have seen it (HEARD it) done by the original cast (because I want to BE Idina Menzel and I want to put teeny Kristin Chenoweth in my pocket to sing and dance for me at my command ;-)

(And OMIGOD, I want to be Idina even more after learning that she MARRIED Taye Diggs..... droooool)

BUT, I was pleasantly surprized -- neigh, flabbergasted! -- at the talent in the actresses used for this tour! They were FABULOUS!!!! Here are a few pics from the evening:

Being wicked? - - - - - -The Orpheum
Brian, Me, Bill

And incase you were curious, YES, I wore green eyeshadow ;-)

This weekend, I'm heading out of the city for a weekend retreat up at Grand View Lodge with some girlfriends. And by retreat, I of course mean boozefest. Yes, I'm planning to wear sweatpants during the booze consumption. I really hope there are pickle rolls, because I LOVE THEM.

When I was first told of this adventure, I mistakenly googled Grand Lodge, which FIRST brought up "The Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks of the USA"...... ?? OK, next entry -- as some Twin Citians may know, The Grand Lodge is the hotel connected to the Water Park of America. ..... ..... I was at first a bit surprised that this group of girlfriends would pick such a destination, but then I was secretly all like OMG YESSSSS!!! at the thought of bounding around an indoor waterpark in December and talking about fun stuff like The Jonas Brothers and HSM and Twilight and going down slides and stuff. I luuurve waterparks! But then I figured out my mistake and played it all cool like "Yeah, I asked if we needed to bring swimsuit and towel for the... uh... spa! YES, because that's what we chic, classy WOMEN do on weekend 'retreats'.... no not swimming. SPA." Actually I think Andrea was fairly entertained at my waterpark enthusiasm -- if anyone appreciates random (and usually humorous) displays of quirkiness and individuality, it's Miss Comedienne herself.

Point is that I'm THRILLED to go away on this little adventure with some seriously fun gals and some equally fun vodka. (Fun gals + vodka + waterslides?? Add that to my to-do list.)




  1. That sounds like SUCH a fun weekend! Who ya going with? I wanna go! :) But sersiouly, have a fabulous time!!!

  2. Andrea and some of her friends. Should be quite enjoyable! We might need to venture that way sometime, yes?

  3. don't you agree with me that idina menzel and taye diggs need to get on the procreation train IMMEDIATELY? think of their adorable, singing, dancing babies!!!

    ps - they met during the original broadway production of Rent. SERIOUSLY, could I want to be her more?