Friday, January 30, 2009

Things You Likely Don't Care About. I'll post them anyway....

I posted this on Facebook and thought it was an easy way to cheat a blog post. Tah dah.

1. I've never smoked a cigarette -- not even a puff.

2. I absolutely love Disney movies and have a few soundtracks.

3. I love babies. And kids. They love me too :-)

4. My favorite beverage is and always has been ice water.

5. Brian and I both totalled our cars last December. It sucked big time. I still have neck pain from it.

6. I think I'm pretty smart and manage to know a little bit about everything.

7. I've never broken a bone (except toes, but those aren't even real bones)

8. I've never had stitches either.

9. I have the BEST mom in the entire world -- I'm totally in awe of her poise and faith in dealing with her cancer treatments over the past year. She is absolutely inspirational.

10. I am in loungewear within 3 minutes of arriving home from anywhere.

11. I told my Kindergarten teacher that I wanted to be a Girl Scout Troop Leader when I grew up..... I'm sure there's really good money in that.

12. I hate being made fun of, even if jokingly from friends/family and take criticism VERY harshly and very personally. I've always been pretty sensitive about it. It's made me keep a lot of struggles private for fear of judgement.

13. I LOVED living in dorms and kind of miss it. All my friends were right there with me!

14. I had a really difficult time in life when I was 10-13 and it still makes me cry to think about it.

15. I was a terrible student. I did no homework in Calculus and yet managed perfect tests and a student of the quarter award.... it may have been a bit because of #14.

16. I have 35 first cousins (not including stepfamily), of which I am the youngest. I always felt left behind and I'm sad I didn't get to have the same relationship with my grandparents as the older ones did -- they had all passed by the time I was 13.

17. I secretly want to name my children after the Von Trapps, dress them in curtains and teach them to sing solfege...while living in the mountains of Austria and raising goats (that also sing).

18. Speaking of children, I may or may not have names already picked out.

19. I've spelled my middle name wrong my entire life.

20. On our wedding day, I didn't pee once during the 13 hours I was in my dress.

21. I've been told for years that I'll be a good mom and I absolutely love the compliment... I hope it's true!

22. I have TV crushes on the guy from Chuck and Agent McGee from NCIS. Total nerds, but I dig it!

23. My favorite place to be is up at the cabin on 4th of July weekend... sun, lake, beer, shorts, no makeup, great family... heaven.

24. I've always hated the feeling of being left out, since I am (WAS) the baby of the family and the only girl -- I get really jealous if friends hang out without me.

25. Going from Katie to Katrina was a very unnatural process and still causes me a major identity crisis.

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