Monday, January 12, 2009

YAY Hot Chocolate

It's not just for kids anymore, folks.

[Despite pouring one third of my cup down my chest and shirt this evening,] I love hot chocolate. The Williams Sonoma REAL stuff. I drink it at least twice a week during the winter. Perhaps not the best of dietary supplements, but man does it bring me joy :-) And that's what matters.

See? Joy. A fuzzy hat and adorable tooth gap helps too.

While meandering Williams Sonoma this weekend, I discovered this beaut' on sale for $9! (Picture is a non WS version of the same thing). It's a hot chocolate pot with frother/mixer! Brilliant. It totally made my weekend.....

What did not, however, make my weekend was the nasty dose of reality..... our finances suck, we're not really in the place to buy a house (I sooo wish we could), and I might not even be able to manage school... ever. Where's a surprise inheritance when you need one??

Fingers crossed for a nice cushy tax return to start things moving and we'll see what happens from there.

Now I kinda need more hot chocolate :-(


  1. My finances suck too. Especially since you got me hooked on $30 hot chocolate. I start twitching now when I don't have it for a few days. So now I'm fatter and poorer. Thanks.

  2. WTF? Now your blog is trying to give me advice. My word verification (and really, what is the point of that crap?) was oveltyne. Now I know that isn't spelled correctly, but you can't ignore that your blog is getting all nosey and trying to tell me to stop buying $30 hot chocolate and buy Ovaltine instead. It just has dyslexia or something. Mind your damn business Blog and get yourself a f*cking dictionary.

  3. I scored 4 containers of WS hot chocolate for $9 each right before Christmas -- they had a pre-order for their sale! I'm a total fanatic.

  4. 3 days without blogging. COME ON wife!